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Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange
Summer 2015
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25th-Sep-2016 12:54 pm - Masterlist 2016!
Summergen 2013
Here it is at last! The master list of this year's Summergen gifts and the big reveal of the creators' names.

On behalf of your mods dugindeep, kalliel, and quickreaver, thanks bunches (especially to our pinch-hitters), and here's to a great Season TWELVE (this is surreal!) of Supernatural!

The wonderful frozen_delight has set up an AO3 for this year's fics. Feel free to use it! http://archiveofourown.org/collections/SPN_Summergen_2016

Now, without further ado:

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(If we've forgotten anyone or messed up a link, drop us a line and we'll fix it straight away. Cheers, all!)
20th-Sep-2016 03:40 pm - WE HAVE REACHED THE END!
Summergen 2013
summer gen banner beach tire tracks.JPG

And that's a wrap, folks!

Thanks to EVERYONE—initial creators and pinch-hitters alike—for participating this year! We had a stunning turn-out and some truly amazing works produced. We hope everyone had great time. We're always open to suggestions, so if there's something we can improve or do differently to make next year better yet, drop us an email at supernaturalsummergen@gmail.com. (Also, if we have accidentally missed posting a submission: ASSAULT US! We're only goofy humans.)

Shortly, we'll have the masterlist compiled and revealed for all to see! At that point, you can claim and thank and reblog and dance naked with your handiwork all you'd like. :D

Huzzah to each and every one of you for all the heart and soul you poured into your work!
18th-Sep-2016 08:50 pm - There and Back Again, for excoyote
Summergen 2013
Title: There and Back Again
Recipient: excoyote
Wordcount: c6200
Warnings: none
Rating: PG-13
A/N: thank you to the mods and to the giftee for your patience. I went with your dragon!Sam prompt, but there are tiny traces of addiction themes. Vaguely season 11 compliant, but doesn’t take into account events of 11.23.

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Summergen 2013

Title: Water

Recipient: spn_summergen - the original recipient withdrew from the challenge, so this work is being posted as a gift to the comm. Please show it tons of love!!
Rating: PG
Word Count: 12,600
Author's Notes: This fic is set sometime after s11. For the purposes of this fic assume that Mary is off being Mary at something on her own.

Summary: When a sudden influx of poisonous snakes starts killing people in a small upstate New York town, a young girl turns to someone her mother knew many years before for help. It turns out that Dean Winchester isn’t the only one with old ties to the case.
Warnings: Reference to past relationships, emotional constipation, bickering brothers and casual blasphemy in multiple religions. Also snakes.

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(Part Two)

16th-Sep-2016 03:51 pm - Blue Bayou, for themegalosaurus
Summergen 2013
Title: Blue Bayou
Recipient: themegalosaurus
Rating: PG
Word Count or Media: digital art
Warnings: slight blood, creepiness, make-believe mosquito bites
Author's Notes: HOLY CRAP. I just noticed you requested fic. I am SO SO SORRY! Totally my bad. I OWE YOU A FIC IN THE NEAR FUTURE, DARLING GIFTEE! (I can't believe I boofed this up. I need my Fandom Challenge card revoked. I swear. Please, pardon my dumb-assedness.)

Summary: This prompt -- "A casefic in the bayou: swampy, sweaty and hot, maybe some alligators, some voodoo, some hurt/comfort if that takes your fancy (I'm a sucker for hurt!Sam but heroic Sam is also always a pleasure)."

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Summergen 2013

Title: A Hundred Years on Stygian Shores
Recipient: quickreaver
Rating: PG 13
Word Count or Media: 14000
Warnings: language, horror, non-linear storyline,

[Spoiler (click to open)]

temporary character death

Author's Notes: Set sometime after 11x04 and before 11x09.  I tried to play with a couple of your prompts, lovely recipient—1) Winchesters staying somewhere lonely and being watched, and 2) Sam and Dean meeting their younger selves in some way. I hope you enjoy this thing!

Summary: On a lonely cape, Sam and Dean investigate a case they left abandoned years ago. But did they? Sam doesn’t remember any of it, and Dean only remembers vague details. Like how there was a boat with bobbing lights, in the middle of the sea. Like how he waited alone in a boat in the midst of a storm. Like how, maybe, Sam almost drowned…</p>
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(Part Two)
Summergen 2013
Title: The Ghost Hunters - The Winchester Family Business
Recipient: spn_summergen - the original recipient withdrew from the challenge, so this work is being posted as a gift to the comm. Please show it tons of love!!
Rating: Gen
Word Count or Media: video(length 01:10) and manip
Warnings: (not optional - see note below)

Author's Notes: I had done most of the work on this when I realized it would probably have been better to change the Ghost Hunters name to something else but I did not want to mess up what I had and my imagination is not good when it comes to making up names so it stays.

Red Bess Rackham is a great vid beta, thanks so much.

music: Stevie T - Halloween Theme Metal

Ghost Hunters AU with Sam, Dean, Cas and Charlie as part of the crew.

Ghosts here are a lot more real and not all that camera shy.

The Ghost Hunters- The Winchester Family Business from Summer Gen on Vimeo.

13th-Sep-2016 12:13 pm - Azazel’s Warrior, for yuriookino
Summergen 2013
Title: Azazel’s Warrior
Recipient: yuriookino
Rating: PG-13
Word Count or Media: Digital art
Warnings: Badass Meg

Summary: Long before Meg met any of the Winchesters, she was a warrior and commander of Azazel’s army.

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