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Summer 2015
Water, for the Summergen Community (2/2) 
17th-Sep-2016 08:12 pm
Summergen 2013

(Part Two)


So I Took Off All These Tight Clothes, Jumped Into The Water

As it turned out, Allison hadn't needed to rush through anything. She could have just left her burger right where it was, because Sam had no intention of calling Dionysus right away. He went out to the car and rummaged around in some sealed boxes in the back until he found some things that he wanted. Then he came in and used one of the indifferently-cleaned pots to boil some water, sprinkling some herbs into the vessel as the water heated up while muttering in a language Allison didn't recognize. As he spoke, the energy in the room shifted, and the hair on the back of Allison's arms stood up. "What's he doing?" Allison asked Dean, edging closer to her father.

"I don't know," Dean told her. "But I don't like it." He scowled and strode over to the two-burner, avocado-colored stove. "What the hell, Sammy?"

Sam finished his chant. "It's for safety."

"Is this something you learned from that hell bitch?" Dean's full lips were pressed tightly together. "Another one of her spells?"

Allison bit her lip. She couldn't exactly disbelieve in magic, not with all of this electricity in the air and not when she'd swallowed the idea of gods and monsters whole, but she didn't know that she liked the idea. She definitely didn't like the idea of Sam getting involved with magic, not if magic was bad. And she knew what her mom would say about Dean's language. "We're not supposed to use gendered insults," she whispered to her father.

Dean turned outraged eyes to Allison, but Sam turned around and used the pot lid to strain the medicinal-smelling brew into two mugs. "It didn't come from Ruby, Dean. I learned it at Stanford, actually."

Dean's mouth snapped shut. He looked like he'd bit into a moldy lemon.

"Who's Ruby?" Allison asked, eyeing the mug with suspicion.

Dean turned away. "Yeah, Sammy. Why don't you go ahead and tell your sweet little niece who Ruby is?"

Sam sighed, and suddenly the full weight of all of the centuries he'd shed was back. "Ruby's an old girlfriend. I made some bad choices, and she helped me along with all of them. Don't get me wrong, the choices were mine." He looked down. "She was a demon."

Allison swallowed. "You don't just mean 'not a very nice person,' do you?"

"Nope." Dean grinned at his brother, sharp and vicious. "But hey. Can't go back and change the past, can we?" His green eyes glittered.

Allison's stomach knotted itself around her spine from the tension. "So. I thought Stanford was just a damn good college. You mean to tell me that they had a secret Hogwarts program the whole time?"

Sam forced a little laugh. "No. This was more of a summer program, I guess. Between freshman and sophomore year." He still didn't meet anyone's eyes.

"What does it do?" She picked up her mug and sniffed at it.

Sam cleared his throat and picked his head up a little, although he still wouldn't meet anyone's eye directly. "How much have you studied about Greek mythology?"

"A little." She sat down at the table and patted the other chair, hoping he'd take it.

He did, while Dean huffed. "Well, who are we calling for a visit?"


"And who does he tend to travel with?" Sam continued, left leg jittering as he spoke.

"Maenads," Dean said, walking over to the table like it pained him. He still put his hand on the back of Sam's chair, though. Not for the first time, Allison got the feeling that these guys weren't normal brothers. When Mike and Dave Sutton were fighting, one would deck the other if he got within ten feet.

"Right. This potion should keep you, Dean, safe from the maenads. I'm pretty sure that you, Allison, would be fine, but we don't need to take any chances." Sam pushed the other mug toward Dean.

"What about you?" Dean narrowed his eyes at Sam. "What about you and the maenads, Sammy? Is this another one of your 'things?' Because we're out of second chances and I'm not about to put your body together again."

Wait, what? Allison froze, mug halfway to her lips.

Sam's lip curled, whether in disdain or amusement Allison couldn't say, and he shook his head. "No. I'm fine. Trust me."

"Sam -"

"Dean. How do you think that I learned the damn potion?"

Allison knew that wasn't the whole story. She couldn't say exactly how she knew. Maybe it was something in her uncle's kaleidoscope eyes, or maybe it was the little rasp to Sam's voice. Either way, she knew there was more to the story than she was getting, yet again, and so did Dean. Dean stopped questioning it, though, because he just made a face and tossed the drink back. "Okay. I don't feel any different."

"You're not different. You're just not giving off whatever pheromone it is that makes the maenads homicidal." Sam shrugged and dialed his phone before stepping out into the parking lot.

Allison drank her potion in one gulp. "It wasn't that bad," she said, only grimacing a little.

"I know, right?" Dean wrinkled his nose. "The guy burns water if he tries to cook pasta, but he can whip up the most complicated spells and potions and what have you. I don't get it." He shook his head.

"So. You and Sam." She cleared her throat.

Dean rolled his eyes and let his head fall back. "We're brothers. Why do people always think that? Ugh. Brothers. Just brothers. We're probably closer than most brothers because the way we were raised, we didn't get a chance to really bond with other people, but we're just brothers."

Allison nodded. "Okay." She bit her lip again. "It's just Mom never mentioned another Winchester."

Dean sighed. "We probably never mentioned him when she knew us. He, uh, he left. Abandoned his family to go off to college. That would have been not long before we met your mom. So, uh, we didn't talk about him much."

"Wait, you mean, like, you were embarrassed?" Allison turned to look directly at Dean, something she'd been trying to avoid.

"It's complicated, kid." Dean looked away. "It's too complicated, and I wouldn't expect you to understand. You weren't raised like we were. Like I said before, I'm not thrilled about not having the chance to know you before, and I'm not trashing my dad for the way he raised us. He did what he had to do, okay? But it wasn't... it wasn't something I'd do to my own kids if I didn't have to, you know? And it's not something I think he'd have done to us, if he wasn't driven to it. He had to kill the thing that killed our mom, so he raised us to be soldiers. Sam taking off to college, he was basically deserting. I know he doesn't see it that way, or he didn't see it that way, I don't know. I know civilians don't see it that way. But that's the way it was. He was supposed to be fighting, and he wasn't."

Allison fought against the rage growing in her heart. Every instinct in her wanted to lash out at her father. Sam had been a boy; he shouldn't have had to be a soldier. But Dean thought his father had to do it, and whether or not that was the case it wasn't something Allison could understand at this late date. "Well, he learned how to make a potion to protect us from maenads, so I guess he was doing more than math problems and going to frat parties."

Dean acknowledged this with a dip of his head. "There is that. There is that." He screwed up his face. "Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but there is that."

Sam returned to the room. "He'll be here in five." He disappeared into the bathroom, face unreadable.

"I wonder what bug crawled up his butt." Dean stared after the door for a moment, eyes narrowed, before he shrugged. Then he got up. "All right. Might as well make the beds, seeing as how we're being visited by a god we're apparently not killing today."

Allison made her bed while Dean made his, and Sam slipped out of the bathroom to do his best Tasmanian Devil impersonation around the room and left tidiness and cleanliness in his wake. By the time that the knock echoed on the cheap door, the place was spotless.

Allison opened the door, only to have it pushed open by a monster. The monster had the head and torso of a human man, with the lower half of a horse, and sharp horns protruding from his head. His skin was tan, and his wavy hair was brown. His lip curled with disdain as he scanned the room before he turned to the rest of his party and nodded.

Two women, a man, and another horned centaur followed the monster in. The women had an air of violence to them, but it didn't seem to be directed at anyone in particular. It just hung around them like a cloak. The two centaurs all but bulged with muscles, and their role was clear.

All of which made the man in the middle Dionysus. He could be no one else, although Allison wouldn't have expected an ancient Greek god to show up in jeans, an open flannel shirt and a white tee shirt underneath. His dark bronze skin seemed to glow with a kind of inner light, and his black hair hung in loose curls around a handsome face with a wide, generous mouth. Hard, alien dark eyes scanned the seedy room for a moment, focusing first on Dean and then on Allison.

Those eyes — Allison wasn't sure how she felt about those eyes. She thought that it might be a little bit like staring into the sun; they might cause lasting damage. She wanted to flee. She wanted to yield. Doing either would probably be the wrong move. She stood her ground, even though her knuckles were white around the cheap linoleum of the tabletop.

Finally, Dionysus' eyes lit on Sam, and his whole demeanor changed. His posture relaxed, and he shifted from superior being to old friend in the blink of an eye. "Sam Winchester!" His voice held the crackle of lightning in it, as well as a vague call of something dark and sensuous. "It's been forever! What, fourteen years, maybe?" He crossed the room in a few bounds and threw his arms around Sam. Even though Dionysus' body was the smaller of the two, he picked Sam right up off of his feet. "Oh, Sam, it is good to see you again. Although I thought I'd cured you of staying in half-abandoned places like this." He snapped his fingers, and the room changed. The walls expanded, the stained carpeting was replaced by an elaborate mosaic, and the furnishings became larger and more comfortable. Huge barrels of wine appeared on the counters. "There. Better."

Dean turned to Sam. A vein in his jaw stood out against his skin. "Sam?"

Sam's cheeks turned a lovely shade of pink. "Dionysus, allow me to introduce my brother Dean and his daughter Allison. Dean, Allison, this is Dionysus. And these are Jason and Lefteri, over here, and Argyro and Glykeria." He gestured to the centaurs and the maenads respectively.

Jason, who had been the centaur to shove his way in, let out a full body laugh. "I would never have recognized you if the Master hadn't said who you were. You grew! I thought you'd be done growing when we last saw you!"

Sam relaxed a little in the presence of people he knew. "Well, apparently I'm a late bloomer. What can I get for you all?"

"Wine, of course." Dionysus grinned at him. "Allison, why don't you give your uncle a hand passing out the wine? Your father looks like he's about to explode."

Allison scrambled over to the kitchenette, where she helped Sam pull their shiny new wine glasses out of the cupboard. Sam's hand shook a little. "Are you okay?" she asked, as she heard Dionysus and the others start to speak to Dean.

Sam jumped a little when she spoke to him. "Yeah. It's just — it's been a while, you know?" He opened the spigot on one of the casks and started filling glasses. "No wine for you, just water."

She rolled her eyes at him. "Duh."

Together they distributed glasses to everyone. Sam moved to leave the rest of them talking, but Dionysus grabbed his arm and guided him to a seat at his own right hand. "I was just talking with your brother about how happy I was to get your call."

Allison headed back to get Sam's glass, so he wouldn't be left without it, as Dean spoke up. "Yeah. He, uh, he told me that he had picked up on the weird snake deaths a day or two ago and was coming to town to deal with it. He wasn't looking forward to fighting Typhon alone."

"Apparently you've built up quite the reputation," Lefteri said, patting Sam on the back. "I have to say, I couldn't quite see it myself. You were such a skinny kid when we knew you, you know?"

"It takes more than just brawn to take out a high-level opponent," Glykeria scoffed. "Sam always had brains to spare." She ran a hand through Sam's hair, just once, but he flinched.

Dionysus gave Sam a sad look. "I get the impression that more years have passed for you than have passed for us," he said after a moment. "And that they weren't kind. So the rumors are true. You stopped the son of the Usurping God by sealing him back in his prison. Along with yourself."

Dean cringed. "Can we not?"

Sam's face had gone white, and he held himself still. Dionysus put a hand on his back and said, "Of course. My apologies. At any rate, we have a very real problem here. I'm not sure that Typhon can be killed."

Dean scoffed. "Anything can be killed. It's just a matter of whether or not it's worth the price."

Jason sneered at Dean, lifting his glass at him. "I can't think of what wouldn't be worth the price of killing Typhon."

"Remember when the sun turned red a couple of months ago?" Sam's voice was quiet, but after a sip of wine he'd recovered his color. "We've done some pretty ill-advised things, because we thought that some things had to be killed no matter what the cost. I'm not sure that we'll have to use that, though. I have a few ideas. We met up with a hunter who showed us this sigil, it could trap almost anything."

"Even a god?" Dionysus raised an eyebrow.

"We haven't tried that yet. It's trapped a few other things though. And we won't let that be the only thing we do. We'll try a few other methods to grab hold of it and keep it in one place to limit its power." Sam grabbed a notebook and started sketching, eyes almost feverish with enthusiasm as he sketched out different possibilities.

Dean snorted and took the notebook away from him. "Yeah, okay, wiseguy, but what are you going to do once you've got Snake Boy trapped? Leave him there? It worked out so well the last time."

Dionysus glared at Dean. Allison wanted to hide. "You go too far."

Sam cleared his throat and put a hand on Dean's shoulder. "He, uh, he does that. It's kind of his thing. What if we cut off his head?"

"With what?" Argyro asked. "I get that you're good with a knife, Sam, but Typhon sprang full-formed from Hera. It would take a divine weapon to take him down, and I'm afraid Lady Artemis isn't sharing these days."

Sam looked down and blushed. "So I picked up this hammer, a few years back."

Allison stood up. "You don't."

"I have to see this," Dionysus said, and rose.

Sam led the god out of the room, leaving Allison and Dean alone with the monsters. Dean looked twitchy about that. Allison didn't know what she could do to alleviate that, but she didn't think that she was necessarily supposed to. They sat in silence and sipped their wine, waiting for Sam and Dionysus to return.

They sauntered in a few moments later, Sam carrying what certainly looked like it could be Thor's hammer. "How did he get that?" Allison asked her father, in a whisper.

"I have no idea. I was busy at that point." Dean shook his head. "It was kind of a bad year. Okay. What if that doesn't work?"

"We do have a god on our side. And us." Jason grinned. "We're not exactly powerless."

Allison sighed. "There's something about this that makes me feel like we need more of a plan," she said. "But I don't know what we're missing. Where will we do this?"

"Over by the water," Dionysus said. "Someplace remote. We don't want him to have to travel very far, so that he doesn't have the opportunity to hurt anyone."

Allison nodded. She couldn't see any problems with that, but she still couldn't say she felt comfortable with any of it.


My Face Was Numb, My Lungs Were Sore

Allison stood with Dean and Dionysus as they watched the others spray an elaborate design onto the scratchy grass by the water's edge. More precisely, she stood between Dean and Dionysus. She felt a little bit like a piece of paper between two brushfires. She hadn't been burned yet, but it was only a matter of time. Dionysus had no problem looking at, glancing at, and even staring at Dean, but Dean wouldn't look at the god. He kept his eyes on his brother.

Allison tried to keep her eyes on the water. She couldn't do anything against Dionysus if he decided to lash out, and the snakes had come from the water in the first place. She had her little hatchet. She would use it to solve the one problem that she could.

She did take the time to glance at the design that Sam had come up with. "If anyone sees that, they're going to think that there was some serious Satanic activity going on around here," she told the men beside her. "Folks around here tend to be religious. They'll be upset."

"We try not to talk about Satan around Sammy," Dean told her without pausing. "Just as a heads up."

Dionysus grimaced. "Seems reasonable. I must say that I'm concerned about him."

"Sammy's fine. Sammy's always fine." Dean kept his eyes on his brother.

Allison looked at her uncle. He was directing the other artists with a gentle but firm tone, making sure that all of them got the precise, fiddly little details of the design right. His voice was calm, and while his hazel eyes seemed shadowed he moved among the monsters with an ease born of familiarity. The centaurs and maenads knew him. They responded well to him, too, joking with him about something in the distant past in ways that had them all laughing. Even Sam huffed out shy little laughs.

"He's not the young man I remember," Dionysus told them. "Sam then was different. He was... he was full of life. He was willing to take a chance, to try something new if it would get the job done."

"Maybe he's learned, then." Dean's face tightened. "Better late than never." He screwed up his mouth. "How did you ever wind up meeting up with him, anyway? There's no way that a hunter's kid should have wound up hanging around with centaurs and maenads and pagan gods."

"Like I said, he was willing to take a chance and try something new." Dionysus smirked. "He picked up on a series of curses following families where a member of the family had been responsible for someone else's death. It turned out to have been an ara, a kind of spirit that distributes this kind of curse. We worked together to try to contain it." He smiled, eyes wrinkling at the corner at the memory. "He hadn't anyplace to stay for the summer, so he stayed with us."

Dean turned white as a sheet. "Sam stayed with you and your, uh, pals?"

Dionysus' gaze turned penetrating. "He had no place else to go, Dean. What would you have had him do?" He turned his head back to look at Sam. "He seems less assertive now, less willing to lead. It's a shame. We all admired his agile mind at least as much as his body."

Allison's face burned at the thought. She didn't need to know about that, not even a little bit. This was her uncle.

She turned her attention to the lake. On a day like today, hot and humid and sunny, everyone and their mother should have been out on that lake. It was empty, and that gave the place an eerie kind of feel to it — kind of like the end of the world, after all of the people were gone. The water itself was dark, thanks to the approaching night and the great depth of the lake. That didn't give Allison much confidence in what lay beneath — especially as the top layer of water started to cool with the setting sun, creating a layer of mist.

Did something just slither off into the grass? No, it had to be her imagination. She was standing next to a god — an actual Greek god — and he didn't seem to notice anything.

Sam backed away from the trap, bringing his companions with him. "That should be it," he said, wiping his hands on his jeans and glancing at Dean. "We're as ready as we're going to be." He picked up the giant hammer that lay by Dean's feet and rolled his shoulders, settling into a ready stance. "Dionysus, you're as safe as we can make you."

Dionysus went to the edge of the trap and stood. He relaxed his body, then threw back his head. "Typhon!" he shouted, in a voice that echoed off the clouds. "You wanted me. I'm right here."

Everything around them stilled. Even the cicadas stopped buzzing. Then something in the water, partially obscured by the mist, moved.

The thing moved faster than any human could. Did you think that you could trick me? It didn't even speak with human words, or open its mouth. Where there should have been legs were only two snake tails. It had a humanoid torso, but with wings, actual wings like a chicken. When it opened its mouth the sound that came out was more like a bull, or a screeching eagle, or a thousand snakes hissing at the same time, than speech. I may be a monster but I am not a fool!

Jason charged in with his bow, firing at the creature the whole time. Even though his shots flew true, none of them landed. They bounced off Typhon's skin as though it was metal, and when Typhon turned to look at what must have felt like a fly to him he waved a hand, and one of the snakes growing out of his shoulder flew at the centaur. Another grew to replace it, as though it had never been missing.

Allison charged into action. She couldn't help Typhon, but she could help Jason. While his four strong legs danced out of the way, she jumped in and lopped the head off the snake, taking care to hit it from behind so it couldn't bite her. Jason patted her on the back. "Thanks, Allison," he said with a grin. "Just like your uncle, brave and fast."

Something burned in Allison's heart then. She'd known she was a Winchester, and she'd known that Winchesters hunted evil. She'd never felt like part of that before, not even when she was fighting off Typhon's snakes in her own house. She gripped the axe a little tighter and gave the centaur a grin as he got back to work.

Dean had a gun. Allison couldn't identify what kind of gun, only that it fit into his hands and looked pretty lethal. "What are you going to do with that?" she hissed at him, taking her place back at his side.

"Not the time," he told her, green eyes focused on his prey. He tried to aim at Typhon, but the monster wouldn't hold still and Dean didn't seem to want to hit the centaurs or maenads.

Sam hefted his hammer and stepped forward. When he held the weapon in front of him, like he was pointing it at Typhon, a bolt of lightning shot from Sam toward Typhon and hit him square in the chest. Typhon noticed that all right. Monster! He screamed as ichor poured out of a burning wound in his chest. You think a filthy half-breed like you can stand against me?

The wound had injured Typhon, but not killed him. It had, however, turned him around so that Dean could get better aim. He fired three times, hitting in the chest each time. "Angel blade bullets," he explained.

Sam glared.

"What?" Dean said. "Got 'em from Crowley."

"You don't think they might be more useful on angels?" Sam turned back to the fight.

"We'll get more. You got any better ideas, Sammy?"

Allison exchanged glances with Dionysos, who shook his head. Getting between brothers was something she didn't think she had in her.

Sam used the hammer's lightning attack again, sending a flurry of snakes into the grass as Typhon groaned out his agony. Then, as Dean watched in horror and Allison stifled a scream, Sam charged in.

She'd have liked to say that Sam's charge was frenzied or somehow desperate, but no. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He didn't yell, or shout, or wave things around the way people did in movies. He just set his jaw, darted away from his brother's grasping hand and ran toward Typhon with his hammer at the ready.

Typhon was over a foot and a half taller than Sam, and Sam kind of looked a little ridiculous charging in against him. He looked especially ridiculous when Allison remembered him saying specifically that he didn't want to get in close enough to use that weapon against him. He didn't seem to be feeling any fear right now. On the contrary, he seemed utterly valiant, like a medieval knight in ratty denim as he swung his hammer at the places where Typhon's knees should have been.

Typhon fell sideways, falling into the trap. He couldn't act against anyone outside the trap, but he couldn't be hurt by anyone who wasn't in close range with him either. The only person close enough was Sam.

Dean yelled for Sam to get out of the trap, but Sam ignored him and brought his hammer down on the giant. Typhon's snakes struck out at him, again and again, but Sam didn't stop until Typhon fell still.

Then Sam staggered back. He was still stuck in the trap, bleeding from what looked like three separate bites.

Allison tried to grab on to her father, but Dean was already running over to the trap. "Sammy!" he yelled. He used his foot to scuff out one of the lines on the trap, freeing Sam and allowing himself to run into the bespelled area. Sam fell into Dean's arms, lips already blue, and smiled at him.

"No no no," Dean said, petting Sam's face. "No no no. Not like this."

Dionysus knelt by his side. "Let me." He produced a hip flask from his pocket and put it to Sam's lips. "If the poison hasn't taken too strong an effect yet, this will help."

He seemed to pour the contents into Sam's mouth for a long time, and then Sam's eyelashes fluttered shut. "What did you do?" Dean growled at him.

Dionysus snapped his fingers, and the whole team had assembled back in the motel room. The god laid Sam out on one of the beds. "He'll need to sleep for a while," he told them. "I don't get the impression he's been doing much of that lately anyway, and while he sleeps the antidote will work its way through his system."

"What about the body?" Allison asked, biting on her fingernails.

"It will have dissolved by the time anyone comes to see it. Whether any of us liked it or not, Typhon was of Olympus, and Olympian dead aren't meant to linger." Dionysus sighed. "Stay with your brother. Watch over him. Yours should be the first face he sees, or else he'll be anxious." The god ran a hand over Sam's forehead, and then he gestured to Allison. "Come. Sit with us. I'm sure you have questions. Your uncle did."

Allison expected Dean to object. He didn't seem to have a lot of love for the centaurs or maenads, and when he found out that Sam had worked with Dionysus when they were younger he'd almost blown a gasket. Right now, though, Dean only had eyes for Sam. He pulled up a chair and sat beside his brother, watching him sleep with drawn brows and hollow cheeks.

"It's been years," the Olympian said, as Allison took a seat beside him, since I've seen Sam. I've had a chance to look in on him, though. On them. I know that it hasn't been easy for them. I had been thinking about inviting Sam back for an extended visit."

"I think he'd like that." Allison blushed. "I mean I haven't known them long, but he seems sad. He could use some cheering up."

"He could. But while our little band of merry-makers was a good haven for him years ago, I'm not sure that it's right for him now. And I'm not sure that he would come. Look at them, Allison. There's not enough room for a piece of paper between their souls."

Allison watched her father and her uncle. Dean soon fell asleep in the chair beside Sam, and one of the centaurs moved him into the bed.

"Soulmates, Allison," Dionysus told her. "A pair of soulmates is the rarest of finds. To find soulmates in a family, or who are otherwise platonic, is almost like finding a unicorn. They need each other. They're not always good for each other, for a lot of reasons, but they could no more go without one another than I could go without wine." He lifted a goblet that he hadn't been holding before and drank from it.

"They seem kind of tense with each other." She bit her lip. "I don't know how to help them."

"Maybe they'll work it out." A little grin played around the corners of his mouth. "They could probably use some help, but I'm pretty sure that at his heart they've cared mostly about each other. That doesn't mean that they won't care about you."

Allison blushed. "I'm pretty sure Dean doesn't even want me."

"Both brothers have their damage." The Olympian ruffled her hair. "It's not fair or pretty. Sometimes Dean hides his damage better, and sometimes it's Sam who coms off as the more balanced of the pair. But they've both been through a world of hurt. Several worlds of hurt, and they both have scars no one can see. You need to speak up for yourself, advocate for yourself. You're a strong young woman, a true heir to their lineage. You can handle them." He winked.

Sam woke up several hours later. Dean had been deeply asleep, even snoring, but as soon as Sam stirred Dean bounced into alertness. "How you doing, Sammy?" he asked, body tense and eyes worried.

Sam leaned against Dean for just a moment, in a tender gesture Allison felt almost like she shouldn't be seeing. Then he straightened up. "Better, actually. I think I've got Dionysus to thank for that?"

"Well, you did kind of take out the creature that had been created to kill me, so I kind of owed you." Dionysus pressed a glass of wine into his hand. "Relax, rest. You could both use it." He pressed a glass into Dean's hand too.

Dean hesitated. "I don't know, we should get back to the bunker. It's kind of a wreck."

Sam flinched. Allison cleared her throat. "Are you okay, Sam?" Dionysus patted her back in quiet approval.

Sam turned earnest eyes to Dean. "Maybe we could stay, just a couple more days? Let the bunker air out a little longer? It's just..."

Dean grimaced. "It still smells like him."

Sam hung his head. "Yeah."

Dean hesitated. "Hey, Allison. Are you okay with hanging around for a couple of days?"

Allison's heart felt warmer than it had since her mother died. "Yeah, of course."


18th-Sep-2016 07:37 am (UTC)
Now you've made me curious about Sam's summer with Dionysus!
18th-Sep-2016 01:37 pm (UTC)
This is glorious and wonderfully addicting. I would be delighted to read more about this verse!
18th-Sep-2016 03:35 pm (UTC)
Yes, this is definitely a world i think you should revisit after the reveal. II would love to know about Sam's backstory with Dionysus and i also want to know what happens in the future with this story. I love Uncle Sammy. :)
20th-Sep-2016 12:43 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for sharing, I really enjoyed this fic, and would love to know about what lies ahead for Alison and her new family.

Take care :)
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Lovely casefic!
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I especially enjoyed Allison here--especially her introduction to the fic, with her hatchet and the image of these snakes coming, inexorably, out of the lake, to do heinous damage. Delightfully creepy. Nice work!
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