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Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange
Summer 2017
Masterlist 2016! 
25th-Sep-2016 12:54 pm
Summergen 2013
Here it is at last! The master list of this year's Summergen gifts and the big reveal of the creators' names.

On behalf of your mods dugindeep, kalliel, and quickreaver, thanks bunches (especially to our pinch-hitters), and here's to a great Season TWELVE (this is surreal!) of Supernatural!

The wonderful frozen_delight has set up an AO3 for this year's fics. Feel free to use it! http://archiveofourown.org/collections/SPN_Summergen_2016

Now, without further ado:

[FIC] Hunt Smart, by patriciatepes, for anactoria

[FIC] Hope for Happiness, by excoyote, for madebyme_x

[FIC] Trajectory, by brightly_lit, for amypond45

[FIC] There'll Be Peace When You Are Done, by fallintosanity, for findingherown

[FIC] An Island Unto Himself, by nagi_schwarz, for kuwlshadow

[FIC] You’ve Got a Friend ..., by annie46, for half_elven

[FIC&ART] No Need to Shout, by milly_gal, for septembers_coda

[FIC] Apple Pie Hero, by dizzojay, for viviansface

[ART] Hunting the Hunters by bluefire986, for stormbrite

[ART] Just Another Thursday Night by thruterryseyes, for bluefire986

[FIC] A Mother’s Love, by madebyme_x, for safiyabat

[FIC] Misadventures in Hunting, by findingherown, for semirah

[FIC] See You in Salt Lake, by septembers_coda, for jj1564

[FIC] A Guilty Pleasure, by jj1564, for brightly_lit

[FIC] How to Read a Tome of Collected Poems, by lyryk, for padaleksi

[FIC] The Elm of False Dreams, by amberdreams, for kalliel

[FIC] Watchful, by kalliel, for emmatheslayer

[FIC] 491, by steeplechasers, for crowroad3

[FIC] The Five Days of Dean Winchester, by theatregirl7299, for caithream/http://sarahmonious.tumblr.com/

[ART] The First Time is Never the Best, by yuriookino, for tyrsibs

[FIC] The Increase of Knowledge, by balder12, for steeplechasers

[FIC] Shot Through the... (And You're to Blame), by sinfulslasher, for verucasalt123

[FIC] Puppet Master, by theymp, for spn_summergen as the original prompter defaulted/withdrew.

[FIC&ART] A Horseman Comes Riding, by just_ruth for amberdreams

[FIC] Long I Stood, by semirah for fallintosanity

[FIC] The Only Way, by jedisapphire, for annie46

[FIC] Two Hours of Air Conditioning, by verucasalt123, for darcydelaney

[FIC] The Trick of the Trade, by viviansface, for sunriserose1023

[FIC] First Star I See Tonight, by broken_cinders, for sinfulslasher

[FIC] Boys of Summer, by darcydelaney, for kribban

[FIC] Of Apocalypses and Other Inconveniences, by padaleksi, for the_ladykiki

[FIC] Gloryland, by crowroad3, gifted to spn_summergen, as the original prompter defaulted/withdrew.

[FIC] Dream On, by half_elven, for balder12

[FIC] Over the Mountains of the Mood, by misplaced_ad, for lyryk

[FIC] Sam and Dean at the Movies, by tyrsibs, for theymp

[FIC] Little Talks, by sunriserose1023, for were_lemur

[ART] Dark Woods, by kuwlshadow, for boysinthedrift

[FIC] Smile Time 2: Smile Wider, by were_lemur, for alethiometry

[FIC] Pharmakon, by anactoria, for frozen_delight

[FIC] Campanula Parpunculus , by lennelle, for jedisapphire

[FIC] Ogallala, by zara_zee, for theatregirl7299

[FIC] Dead Center, by amypond45, for zubeneschamali

[FIC] Dearly Beloved, by kribban, for dizzojay

[ART] Comic Con Bonding, by emmatheslayer, for polleekin/ohwillothewisp

[FIC] Leaving My Brother Alone, by boysinthedrift, for lennelle

[FIC] Slow Me Down, by the_ladykiki, for leah_elisabeth

[ART] Queen of Queens, by alethiometry, for zara_zee

[FIC] Against the Current, by frozen_delight, for red_b_rackham

[FIC] Now the Nightmare’s Real, by leah_elisabeth, for cherry916

[FIC] Somebody I Used to Know, by polleekin/ohwillothewisp, for nagi_schwarz

[FIC] The Weight of Living, by red_b_rackham, for sw0rdy

[FIC] Fragility, by zubeneschamali, for alx_diamond

[FIC] May You Find Some Comfort Here, by troll_la_la, for unabashedbird

[FIC] Salt, Fire, Earth, and Legacy, by ammcj062, for patriciatepes

[FIC] Purple Rain, by cherry916, for troll_la_la

[FIC] Pique, by caithream, for smalltrolven

[FIC] Ghostfacers Face Surly and Snark, by alx_diamond, for just_ruth

[FIC] Sleight Life, by astarloa, for thruterryseyes

[FIC] The Past is Prologue, by troll_la_la, for broken_cinders

[FIC] A Gift From Nona, by smalltrolven, for astarloa

[FIC] Just Like Old Times, by tifaching, for ammcj062

[FIC] Speaking Silence, by themegalosaurus, for indiachick

[FIC] Fury, by unabashedbird, for spn_summergen, as the original prompter defaulted/withdrew.

[FIC] Blessed Be the Boys Time Can’t Capture, by sw0rdy, for tifaching

[FIC] Deathless, by kalliel, for misplaced_ad

[ART] Gabriel Creating Chaos and Mischief, by kuwlshadow, for milly_gal

[ART] Azazel’s Warrior, by amberdreams, for yuriookino

[VID] The Ghost Hunters - The Winchester Family Business, by stormbrite, for spn_summergen

[FIC] A Hundred Years on Stygian Shores, by indiachick, for quickreaver

[ART] Blue Bayou, by quickreaver, for themegalosaurus

[FIC] Water, by safiyabat, for spn_summergen, as the original prompter defaulted/withdrew.

[FIC] There and Back Again, by de_nugis, for excoyote

(If we've forgotten anyone or messed up a link, drop us a line and we'll fix it straight away. Cheers, all!)
25th-Sep-2016 05:50 pm (UTC)
No author name on the fic for me ...?
25th-Sep-2016 07:05 pm (UTC)
That was jj1564 😘 xx
25th-Sep-2016 07:20 pm (UTC)
Whoops! I'll fix that...
26th-Sep-2016 05:02 am (UTC)
Thank you! <3
25th-Sep-2016 05:57 pm (UTC)
This was a great summer for fics! Thank you everyone!
25th-Sep-2016 06:45 pm (UTC)
Thanks everyone, this was another great round! ♥
25th-Sep-2016 07:05 pm (UTC)
Thank you all!!! Xx
25th-Sep-2016 07:13 pm (UTC)
Thanks for a great exchange all! Fantastic submissions all summer long!
25th-Sep-2016 08:50 pm (UTC)
Woohoo! Go team SummerGen!
25th-Sep-2016 08:54 pm (UTC)
Thanks to the mods for wrangling this beast!
25th-Sep-2016 09:44 pm (UTC)
I failed miserably at reading them all while they were still anon, but hey, I guessed correctly on a few of the ones I did get to!

Reveals is always exciting!
26th-Sep-2016 12:10 am (UTC)
thanks so much for this event, mods!
26th-Sep-2016 02:53 pm (UTC)
Thank you to all the mods and participants for yet another stellar year of summergen treats!!!!
30th-Sep-2016 09:04 pm (UTC)
Much thanks to mods, contributors, readers, SPN and summer! I love you all!! :)
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