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Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange
Summer 2017
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18th-Sep-2016 08:50 pm - There and Back Again, for excoyote
Summergen 2013
Title: There and Back Again
Recipient: excoyote
Wordcount: c6200
Warnings: none
Rating: PG-13
A/N: thank you to the mods and to the giftee for your patience. I went with your dragon!Sam prompt, but there are tiny traces of addiction themes. Vaguely season 11 compliant, but doesn’t take into account events of 11.23.

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Summergen 2013

Title: Water

Recipient: spn_summergen - the original recipient withdrew from the challenge, so this work is being posted as a gift to the comm. Please show it tons of love!!
Rating: PG
Word Count: 12,600
Author's Notes: This fic is set sometime after s11. For the purposes of this fic assume that Mary is off being Mary at something on her own.

Summary: When a sudden influx of poisonous snakes starts killing people in a small upstate New York town, a young girl turns to someone her mother knew many years before for help. It turns out that Dean Winchester isn’t the only one with old ties to the case.
Warnings: Reference to past relationships, emotional constipation, bickering brothers and casual blasphemy in multiple religions. Also snakes.

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(Part Two)

16th-Sep-2016 03:51 pm - Blue Bayou, for themegalosaurus
Summergen 2013
Title: Blue Bayou
Recipient: themegalosaurus
Rating: PG
Word Count or Media: digital art
Warnings: slight blood, creepiness, make-believe mosquito bites
Author's Notes: HOLY CRAP. I just noticed you requested fic. I am SO SO SORRY! Totally my bad. I OWE YOU A FIC IN THE NEAR FUTURE, DARLING GIFTEE! (I can't believe I boofed this up. I need my Fandom Challenge card revoked. I swear. Please, pardon my dumb-assedness.)

Summary: This prompt -- "A casefic in the bayou: swampy, sweaty and hot, maybe some alligators, some voodoo, some hurt/comfort if that takes your fancy (I'm a sucker for hurt!Sam but heroic Sam is also always a pleasure)."

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Summergen 2013

Title: A Hundred Years on Stygian Shores
Recipient: quickreaver
Rating: PG 13
Word Count or Media: 14000
Warnings: language, horror, non-linear storyline,

[Spoiler (click to open)]

temporary character death

Author's Notes: Set sometime after 11x04 and before 11x09.  I tried to play with a couple of your prompts, lovely recipient—1) Winchesters staying somewhere lonely and being watched, and 2) Sam and Dean meeting their younger selves in some way. I hope you enjoy this thing!

Summary: On a lonely cape, Sam and Dean investigate a case they left abandoned years ago. But did they? Sam doesn’t remember any of it, and Dean only remembers vague details. Like how there was a boat with bobbing lights, in the middle of the sea. Like how he waited alone in a boat in the midst of a storm. Like how, maybe, Sam almost drowned…</p>
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(Part Two)
Summergen 2013
Title: The Ghost Hunters - The Winchester Family Business
Recipient: spn_summergen - the original recipient withdrew from the challenge, so this work is being posted as a gift to the comm. Please show it tons of love!!
Rating: Gen
Word Count or Media: video(length 01:10) and manip
Warnings: (not optional - see note below)

Author's Notes: I had done most of the work on this when I realized it would probably have been better to change the Ghost Hunters name to something else but I did not want to mess up what I had and my imagination is not good when it comes to making up names so it stays.

Red Bess Rackham is a great vid beta, thanks so much.

music: Stevie T - Halloween Theme Metal

Ghost Hunters AU with Sam, Dean, Cas and Charlie as part of the crew.

Ghosts here are a lot more real and not all that camera shy.

The Ghost Hunters- The Winchester Family Business from Summer Gen on Vimeo.

13th-Sep-2016 12:13 pm - Azazel’s Warrior, for yuriookino
Summergen 2013
Title: Azazel’s Warrior
Recipient: yuriookino
Rating: PG-13
Word Count or Media: Digital art
Warnings: Badass Meg

Summary: Long before Meg met any of the Winchesters, she was a warrior and commander of Azazel’s army.

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Summergen 2013
Title: Gabriel Creating Chaos and Mischief
Recipient: milly_gal
Rating: G
Media: Illustration

Artist Notes: Went with prompt 4 (Body Swap - Castiel in Sam's body, Sam in Dean's body, Dean in Castiel's body) because it sounded fun but did take me a bit to figure out how to do it by drawing it but I think it was a success.

Summary: Dean, Sam and Castiel conversing at a local diner about a case. They do not see Gabriel appear. When Gabriel looks upon the three, a wicked idea pops in his head and with a snap of his fingers chaos ensues.

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11th-Sep-2016 02:49 pm - Deathless, for misplaced_ad
Summergen 2013
Title: Deathless
Recipient: misplaced_ad
Genre: gen, angst, apocafic, AU from the end of 10x23
Characters: Sam (POV), Rowena, Dean, mentions of Castiel
Rating PG-13
Word Count: ~2900
Warnings: [Spoiler (click to open)]A wee bit of body horror, I suppose--witches being witches. Character death, implied eventual character death.
Notes: For the prompt, "Rowena with amnesia, on the road with Sam and Dean."
Summary: The Book of the Damned called for Rowena's heart, so she killed her Polish boy. But Rowena is a witch, not a lover--and she may have given more than she meant.

Now it's Sam's turn.

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