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Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange
Summer 2018
Recent Entries 
16th-Jun-2018 11:37 am - 2018 Submission Guidelines
We're starting to get nibbles, so here are 2018's Submission Guidelines!

Submission Guidelines under the cutCollapse )

Once again, here's a link to the FAQs. Any other questions? Ask in the comments, or e-mail us at supernaturalsummergen @ gmail . com (remove the spaces).

Looking forward to seeing your handiwork!
24th-May-2018 12:04 pm - 2018 Prompts Have Been Sent!
Hello lovelies!! This past week, prompts were matched up and sent to all participants. You should have received your assignment and replied to the email to confirm receipt.

If you have not replied, please do so ASAP. This helps us confirm everything on our end and avoid any snags later in the challenge.

If you have not received your email, check your spam filters or any other place it may be hiding, then contact us at supernaturalsummergen@gmail.com and we will look into it.

Thank you all for one of our largest sign-ups in recent years! We look forward to the amazing works you will produce <3
20th-May-2018 01:25 pm - Sign-ups are closed!
Thanks, everyone! We got a BETTER turn-out than last year, if you can believe it. We're so stoked!

You'll be receiving your assignments by May 23rd. Hang tight! \0/!
19th-May-2018 03:51 pm - Final Reminder!
Last day for sign-ups! Git yer toes in the sand!

1st-May-2018 02:34 am - SPN Summergen is GO!
Summergen sign-ups are live!

Summergen is an anonymous, prompt-based, gen fanworks gift exchange designed to help Supernatural fans while away the desert months of summer hiatus. For an overview of the event, please visit HERE; for the FAQ, please visit HERE. Be sure you understand how we roll, so this can run smoothly for everyone. :)

Ready to play? Fill out THIS FORM and after you're finished, COPY THE URL ADDRESS OF YOUR PARTICULAR PAGE for your records. This is the only way you can revisit and change the info if you wish, before the sign-ups close.

The sign-up period for 2018 is MAY 1st - MAY 19th!.

If you have any questions not addressed at the above links, feel free to leave those comments or concerns below, or drop us an email at supernaturalsummergen@gmail.com.

Have a great time, gang; let's get our summer hiatus on!

Sign-ups May 1 – May 19 - Click the banner for details!

29th-Apr-2018 08:08 pm - Info and FAQ, 2018!
It's that time again … ready for the dreaded summer hiatus? (Can you believe we're still around to even have a summer hiatus? LOL) Summergen is back!

For 2018's calendar and an event overview, click here. It contains important info; please read. This year's gift media will be fic and art (hand-drawn, digital, photomanips and graphics). We've eliminated video simply due to of lack of interest.

More--LOTS more--under cut...Collapse )
6th-Sep-2017 09:24 pm - Masterlist 2017
At long last, the big reveal! Thanks so very much to all our wonderful participants, who gave fandom the most delightful works to fill up our lazy *cough* summer days. We hope everyone found something to love, and will join us again next year! ;) On behalf of your mods dugindeep, kalliel and quickreaver, have a great rest-of-your-summer, and here is the Masterlist:

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31st-Aug-2017 07:34 pm - Message in a Bottle, for caranfindel
Title: Message in a Bottle
Recipient: caranfindel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 7846
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: Thank you for giving me such wonderful prompts to work with. I loved the beach one so much! It certainly took me in a direction I didn't anticipate when I started playing with ideas. Thanks so much again for the amazing prompt!
Summary: Au after the end of season 10. Well, a beach-like world where Death left him, to bear the Mark of Cain for all eternity. And he killed Sam; he knows he did. He remembers it clearly. But then why does a bottle wash up on his beach every morning, with a note that appears to be from Sam?

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31st-Aug-2017 07:35 pm - And That's All We Wrote!
Unless we have made a grave error, this is the end of Summergen 2017! All our beauties have posted; now take this long weekend to catch up on reading and admiring what delights we've collected. Come early September, we'll post the masterlist but until then, enjoy the anonymity. ;)

Congratulations to all who've participated! It really couldn't have gone more smoothly. This has been--and will continue to be--one of our favorite events. From dugindeep, kalliel and quickreaver, your hostesses with the mostestes, our sincerest thanks.

Hope we made your summer just a little bit brighter!
30th-Aug-2017 11:06 pm - 2081, for finchandsparrow
Title: 2081
Recipient: finchandsparrow
Genre: gen, darkfic/drama
Characters: Sam (POV), demon!Dean, Jacob Pond, Castiel, Meg, Walt and Roy
Rating: R
Warnings: Author chooses not to warn.
Word Count: ~5200
Notes: Takes place after an alternate 9x23/10x03, where demon!Dean doesn't join Crowley, but is never cured of being, well, demon!Dean.

Summary: Sam Winchester, a roadtrip, and an old man who is not his brother.

He has sharper teeth, for one. If only just.

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