Reveal Day is here! Thank you so much to all of our participants, betas, pinchhitters, and commenters for making this yet another brilliant round of Summergen. WE LOVE YOU.

Please feel free to post your pieces to your journals/to communities/other websites at will, and to reply to your lovely comments on the anon community posts. Also, we have a collection set up at AO3 for your goodies, so be sure to add them there!

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And that's all, folks!

Yesterday was our final gift! If you signed up and didn't drop out or default, but your gift hasn't been posted yet, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP! Accidents can happen.

Pending such a snafu, tomorrow we'll post a list of participants as well as all of this year's Summergen pieces with their summaries, minus the authors and artists. Friday, we'll reveal our illustrious creators!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Summer and fandom was so much cooler for it!


the sensation of a lot of flesh, for denugis

Title: the sensation of a lot of flesh
Recipient: de_nugis
Rating: M
Warnings: suicide/suicidal thoughts or some close metaphorical approximation thereof; non-sexual noncon messing with other people’s bodies
Wordcount: 6317

Summary: “Effigies let you study or act upon someone with impunity. They are good for practice.” (Jenny Holzer)
Author’s note: Thanks denugis for a set of prompts so good that I was effectively paralyzed by my desire to do them justice. This is a mixture of three, one of which I’ll leave to be discovered and the other two of which involved Sam re-encountering Max and Alicia now Alicia’s a doll, and a situation in which Sam’s god-gun wound didn’t heal. (Also - please forgive me for the end. That goes out to denugis specifically…) Thanks to julia-sets and lennelle for some excellent plot discussion and apologies to the mods for lateness!

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Blood Moon, for quickreaver

Title: Blood Moon
Recipient: quickreaver
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: ~6,600
Author's notes: All your prompts were so fantastic, lovely quickreaver that it was impossible to choose. Finally this story came to me and I hope you like it.

Summary: Sam runs into a hiker while he and Dean are staying at a closed for the season campground on the night of a lunar eclipse. It doesn't end well

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