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Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange
Summer 2018
Recent Entries 
19th-Jul-2018 07:44 am - Dreams to Reality for DLWinchester
Recipient: DLWinchester
Rating: T (only for a little language)
Word Count or Media: 3,500
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: There are a handful of references in this story which are canon compliant, but overall the fic should be read on the basis that it does not adhere strictly to canon.
Original Prompt: Sam and Dean used to have a bucket list. Now Dean's just glad they're both alive, but there's one thing on Sam's list he would like to make sure gets crossed off, what is it he wants to help Sam with? May be serious or humorous or both.

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18th-Jul-2018 10:43 pm - Transposition for alyndra
Title: Transposition
Recipient: alyndra
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,050
Warnings: show-level violence, character death
Author's Notes: The prompt I used was: “AU if Mary fended Azazel off Sammy that night and lived — but not before Sammy tasted his blood.”

Summary: Mary never wanted her sons to be raised in the hunting life. Unfortunately, fate (and Azazel) had other plans.

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17th-Jul-2018 07:09 am - Saving Him From Hell for lyryk
Title: Saving Him from Hell
Recipient: lyryk
Rating: gen

Word Count or Media: 1500

Warnings: depression, hints of suicidal notions, alcohol abuse and self harm
Author's Notes: THANK YOU to the wonderful lissa_ann for her notes and beta! All remaining mistakes are mine! 

Summary: Dean was stone number one

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16th-Jul-2018 08:49 am - On My Summer Vacation for giacinta2
Title: On My Summer Vacation
Recipient: giacinta2
Rating: PG-13
Media: Graphics (600x800)
Warnings: none
Summary: Dean decides to inform Sam all of the things that went wrong during their summer vacation.

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15th-Jul-2018 08:39 am - Doppelganger for caranfindel
Title: Doppelganger
Recipient: caranfindel
Rating: PG13 (bad language)
Word Count: 3707
Warnings: Massive spoilers for Season 13 – so please heed this! Some mentions of previous violence to major character.
Author's Notes: I loved your prompts and really wanted to do prompt one but I decided to go with prompt 2 because this weird idea popped into my head and wouldn’t go away! I really hope it is something you will enjoy and I apologise if it isn’t quite what you had in mind! Also so NOT pro Lucifer so you should enjoy that too!!

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14th-Jul-2018 01:13 pm - Leaving Las Vegas for cassiopeia7
Title: Leaving Las Vegas
Recipient: cassiopeia7
Rating: PG-13
Word Count or Media: 7806
Warnings: some language
Author's Notes: Thank you to my betas, N & J!

Summary: It's a simple case of a cursed book in a haunted bookshop. Except for the part where Sam and Dean are trapped in Las Vegas, there's a super-powered ghost, a strange poem, and a possible serial killer. No, the case isn't simple at all.

For Dean, the weirdest part of the case so far...Collapse )
13th-Jul-2018 02:19 pm - Death Unhinged Its Jaw for julia-sets
Title: death unhinged its jaw
Recipient: julia-sets
Rating: T
Word Count or Media: 4.5k
Warnings: depression, suicide mention, gore and blood, death
Author's Notes: Mixed a few of the prompts together and came up with whatever this story is. It's gloomy and filled with angst, I hope you enjoy!

Summary: death unhinged its jaw and swallowed them whole, only to spit them back out again after.

It’s pitch black, the air is cool...Collapse )
Title: Sleeping With The Fishes
Recipient: amberdreams
Rating: PG-13
Word Count or Media: 4350 words; digital art
Warnings: [click]canon-level allusions to suicidal ideation and addiction, mention of underage smoking
Author's Notes: For the prompt “a slender boy with a handgun,
a fast car, a bottle of pills”
, because Siken. A big shout-out to my beta, Q, who’s the best at slapping my metaphor-happy hand. And a very happy Summergen to my giftee, Amberdreams! Brothers being brothers with an extra helping of Dean angst ahoy! <3

Summary: Dean won’t rest until Sam sleeps.

Dean watches it happen in slo-mo...Collapse )
11th-Jul-2018 03:05 pm - Family Day for borgmama1of5
Title: Family Day
Recipient: borgmama1of5
Rating: G
Word Count or Media: ~1300
Warnings: none

Summary: Dean drops in on Sam at Stanford.

It had been almost two years since Dean had seen his little brother.Collapse )
10th-Jul-2018 11:47 am - Chick Lit References for Marietwist

Title: Chick Lit References
Recipient: marietwist

Rating: R

Word Count or Media: 3223
Warnings: None

Summary: “This is just typical,” Dean says angrily. “Cas puts us in a yurt, and you won’t let me leave because you think we need this to ‘fix us,’ but here’s the thing, Sam, next time you’re mad at me, maybe you should try this thing called talking instead of going straight to chick lit references that will soar over my head.”

Sam pries Dean from Michael’s cold dead fingers in the first days of October.Collapse )

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