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As Supernatural wraps filming... so too do we wrap up Summergen. Thank you SO much to all who participated, as creators, as commenters, as cheerleaders, betas, and all in between. This is event is made by the quality of everyone involved, and I feel like each year Summergen exceeds itself. YOU ALL ROCK, AND NOT JUST ON OCCASION. <3333333

Creators, you are free to post your fanworks to your personal journals, accounts, wherever! And if you'd like to add your work to our AO3 Collection, please go right ahead.

Below the cut, please find a full masterlist with summaries and creators revealed!!

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If you haven't had a chance to read/view some of these yet... what are you waiting for? :P

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All gifts for the 2020 season are all posted ... and what a great year it was for summergen! Thank you to all the participants and readers - this couldn't continue without you <33333
We're giving you all the next few days to continue taking in all the beautiful gifts and leave the creators some love ... Later this week, we will post a masterlist and a list of participants to give you all a chance to guess who was behind the wonderful fanworks!


The Lord’s Work, for monicawoe

Title: The Lord’s Work
Recipient: monicawoe
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: c.5500
Warnings: n/a
Author's Notes: Thanks to the mods for forgiving the lateness and to monicawoe for a set of prompts that demanded some real thinking. This is sketchier than I planned but I hope the idea works, at least!

Summary (/prompt): ‘Lazarus Rising AU: Sam did bring Dean back. The felled trees around Dean's grave were a result of it, and Sam doesn't want to confess how he did it for a very good reason.’

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Play It Again, for bluefire986

Title: Play It Again
Recipient: bluefire986
Characters: Sam (POV), Dean
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~10k
Warnings: Some endings imply main character death.
Summary: This is not an adventure, but you can make choices. (Maybe you don't always end up here. But riddle me this: What's so great about "over there"? Don't you like your brother, Sam?) Choose Your Own Adventure riff on mid-S1.

Author's Notes: My prompt was, "Sam and Dean get into a huge fight. Dean takes the impala and as he drives off gets into a car crash. The rest of the fall out is up to you!"

2. Also, this game is optimized for a 2560x1600px screen. If your screen resolution is larger, consider making your window smaller--otherwise you might see the man behind the green curtain!

3. Want a do-over? Simply clicking "Back" on your browser will return you to your previous crossroads!

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Don’t Judge a Book by its Criminal Record, for Alyndra

Title: Don’t Judge a Book by its Criminal Record
Recipient: Alyndra
Rating: T
Word Count: 6352
Warnings: Non-Graphic Violence
Author's Notes: To my recipient, this is my first time writing an Outsider!Pov fic, but it was what your prompts inspired so I decided to just go for it! I hope you enjoy! For those curious, the prompts I included were: Someone who lost a loved one in the Leviathan!Chesters shooting spree (or other Winchester-related tragedy) encounters them on another case and comes to realize they don't know the real story, Cops arrest Winchester(s), shenanigans ensue, and "No, I am not a pyromaniac...KILL IT WITH FIRE NOW!!!" Also, to my wonderful beta, thank you as always for your excellent work!

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The Omnipotence Paradox, for wetsammywinchester

Title: The Omnipotence Paradox
Recipient: wetsammywinchester
Rating: PG-13
Word Count or Media: ~7000 words
Warnings: temporary major and minor character deaths, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it suicidal ideation. The fourth wall gets lightly kicked a couple times.
Author's Notes: Dear wetsammywinchester, I hope this story is to your liking! I chose the “Soulless Jack keeps bringing Sam and Dean, his humans, back to life (even when he’s the one who kills them)” prompt. And a big thank you to M. for the last-minute beta!

Summary: Soulless Jack is a capricious God. Sam has something to say about that.

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Everything That Rides Below the Surface, for themegalosaurus

Title: Everything That Rides Below the Surface
Recipient: themegalosaurus
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 4,341
Warnings: none
Summary: Sam and Dean are on a hunt in Missouri, and Sam's been having these strange dreams. There's no way he can tell Dean or Dad about them…until the creature they're hunting makes it impossible to hide any longer.

A/N: Title from "Dream" by Imagine Dragons. Thanks to my beta reader for their helpful suggestions!

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Fangs for the Supernatural Memories, for quickreaver

Title: Fangs for the Supernatural Memories
Recipient: quickreaver
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~5.6K
Warnings: Views and opinions expressed by the narrator are not the author's own! ;)
Author's Notes: Set in one of the alternate worlds from season 15, so canon's effectively turned on its head.

Summary: Assigned to make a documentary about a day in the life of the infamous Winchester brothers, a filmmaker follows along with Sam and Dean on the search for their missing father.

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