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Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange
Summer 2019
Recent Entries 
18th-May-2019 05:59 pm - REMINDER!
Our deadline is fast approaching, Summergenners! You have until the very last time zone of May 19th, 2019, to get your sign-up in to us! (That's UTC-12, if we're not mistaken.)

For an overview of the event: click here
For the SIGN-UP FORM: click here

For questions, DM us or just ask, below! Here's to a warm, wild SPN summer!
1st-May-2019 05:31 pm - Summergen IS LIVE!
Summergen sign-ups are live!

Summergen is an anonymous, prompt-based, gen fanworks gift exchange designed to help Supernatural fans while away the desert months of summer hiatus. For an overview of the event, please visit HERE; for the FAQ, please visit HERE. Be sure you understand how we roll, so this can run smoothly for everyone. :)

Ready to play? Fill out THIS FORM and after you're finished, COPY THE URL ADDRESS OF YOUR PARTICULAR PAGE for your records. This is the only way you can revisit and change the info if you wish, before the sign-ups close. (If you have any troubles with this, though, contact a mod. We're sweeties!)

The sign-up period for 2019 is MAY 1st - MAY 19th!.

If you have any questions not addressed at the above links, feel free to leave those comments or concerns below, or drop us an email at supernaturalsummergen@gmail.com.

Let's make this last summer hiatus our best yet!

Sign-ups May 1 – May 19 - Click the banner for details!

(copy this code to paste to your journal)

1st-May-2019 05:07 pm - Info and FAQ, 2019!
Here we are, gang. This, our last summer hiatus.

Summergen was initially conceived as an event to while away time over Hellatus; now, it's become a beloved thing in its own right and we couldn't be more grateful for all the wonderful participants and the fanworks created. Y'all are the best. How much longer Summergen will carry on? Who knows. Guess until we've all decided the sun has set on it. But until then? BREAK OUT THE FEELS AND THE FLIP-FLOPS. LET'S DO THIS THING!

For 2019's calendar and an event overview, click here. It contains important info; please read. This year's gift media will be fic and art (hand-drawn, digital, photomanips and graphics). We've eliminated video simply due to lack of interest.

More--LOTS more--under cut...Collapse )
25th-Sep-2018 01:05 pm - 2018 MASTERLIST
Reveal Day is here!!! Thank you so much to all of our participants, betas, pinchhitters, and commenters for making this such an excellent round of Summergen!

Many thanks also to alyndra for setting up Summergen's AO3 collection! If you post to AO3, please do submit your piece to the collection so as many readers/viewers as possible can find it.

And on that note, creators, please feel free to post your pieces to your journals/to communities/other websites at will, and to reply to your lovely comments on the anon community posts!

Without further ado:

2018 SPN Summergen MasterlistCollapse )

Please let us know if there are any mistakes in the list, and we will fix them ASAP. Again, thanks so much, summergen pals~ :D
13th-Sep-2018 10:26 am - Aaaaand that's a wrap!!!
This is the road so far as we know it! Yesterday's piece marked the end of the 2018 edition of spn_summergen, with 70 beautiful pieces whisking us through our summer Hellatus.

Of course, S14 doesn't start for another month, so even if the posting is over, why stop the fun n' games, right? ;)

Below we've listed all of this year's Summergen pieces with their summaries, but there's one piece of crucial information still left off.

Can you guess any of the makers?

If you've got an inkling--or even if you just wanna guess wildly and randomly, for the fun of it--post your guess in the comments to this post! In a week or so we'll do creator reveals, and you can see how close you came!

In the meantime, please enjoy/re-enjoy this summer's pieces, or discover the gems you might have missed. Thank you all for playing!!

GUESS THE CREATOR Summergen Masterlist!Collapse )
12th-Sep-2018 03:37 pm - Summer School for cowboyguy
Title: Summer School
Recipient: cowboyguy
Rating: G
Media: digital art
Warnings: kids n' guns
Author's Notes: I hope this is close to what you'd like, dear recipient! I wanted to make something with a touch of melancholy and a feel for the end of summer. (Many thanks to my darling beta, you know who you are. *smooch*)

Summary: Very loosely based on this prompt: "Sam didn't realize his summer breaks weren't like other kids' summers -- not at first. But the older he gets, the more he realizes how different his family is from other kids he meets." I imagined this was what "summer school" was for Sam...

to the art ...Collapse )
11th-Sep-2018 05:58 pm - Mongrels for just_ruth
Title: Mongrels
Recipient: just_ruth
Genre: casefic, hurt/comfort, S9 post-Gadreel fic
Characters: Dean (POV), Sam, Castiel
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: graphic imagery, imagery associated with self-harm/suicide, issues of consent
Word Count: ~4000
Summary: One time in the first grade, Sam's art teacher had assigned self-portraits--a picture meant to show the world who you really were. In his self-portrait, Sam had given himself approximately 37 heads, and Dean had been sent to the principal's office for shouting "oh FUCK" when he saw it.

Just New Mexico things. S9 post-Gadreel H/C casefic.

Read more...Collapse )
Title: A Typical Winchester Vacation
Recipient: kuwlshadow
Rating: G
Word Count or Media: 1444
Author's Notes: This is a slight crossover with Jurassic World

Summary: Sam and Jack convincing Dean to take a vacation on an island full of dinosaurs maybe wasn't the best idea.

This was supposed to be a vacation!Collapse )
9th-Sep-2018 01:57 pm - Wreckage for themegalosaurus
Title: Wreckage
Recipient: themegalosaurus
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4800
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: 13.23 episode coda, Jack POV on Sam, based on prompt: “something with Jack, Sam, and Sam's powers”. We’ve seen Sam self-destruct after Dean dies, and this was a good chance to explore what that looks like when Sam’s not alone.

Summary: It’s a slow procession out the front door of the Bunker that first week until it’s just the two of them left. Jack wants to comfort Sam after Michael takes off with Dean but doesn’t know how, and Sam is obsessed with how to get his brother back, no matter what the cost.

It's a slow procession ...Collapse )
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