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Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange
Summer 2019
Title: a geometrical history of the hairpin turn
Recipient: interstitial
Rating: R
Word Count: 3623
Warnings: Possession, gaslighting, nonconsensual body modification.
Summary: Sam makes and breaks a deal, Cas stars in the Amy Pond Redux, and Dean considers the hairpin turn.

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16th-Jul-2019 07:53 am - Starry Night for chestercbennington
Title: Starry Night
Recipient: chestercbennington
Rating: T (to be safe)
Word Count: 4430
Warnings: Blood
Author's Notes: To my recipient, I hope you enjoy! I tried to include a couple of your prompts. (: For those curious, those prompts were: sam and dean watching netflix in sam’s room, sam and dean stargazing on the hood of the impala, and dean cradling hurt!sam
Also, to my wonderful betas, thank you! I'll be thanking you by name once I'm allowed to reveal who I am. (;

Summary: “Dean should have known better. If there was anything that he should have learned by now, it was that there’s no such thing as an easy hunt. And now, lugging his bleeding baby brother back to the car, the lesson had been deeply re-ingrained.”

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15th-Jul-2019 09:03 am - Taking the Reign for troll_la_la

Title: Taking the Reign
Recipient: Jeanny (https://jeanny.dreamwidth.org/ or https://troll-la-la.livejournal.com/)
Rating: very gen with a little bit of a swear here and there
Word Count or Media: 1155 (words and images)
Warnings: Feet

Author's Notes: (optional)

Summary: Some of Charlie's old LARPing friends encounter a monster and reach out to Sam, but get Apocalypse World Charlie instead

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14th-Jul-2019 06:28 pm - Delia for bratfarrar
Title: Delia
Recipient: bratfarrar
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2700
Warnings: references to past suicide and possession
Spoilers: S14
Author’s Notes: Thank you for these (and other) evocative visual prompts, bratfarrar! I hope you enjoy this gift.

Summary: Three things are true in the united states of Winchester: 1) Ghosts make more ghosts. 2) Darkness has taken up residence in a girl named Delia, who is dead. 3) You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your readers.

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13th-Jul-2019 04:59 pm - Cowboys in the Morning for ChiyoYume
Title: Cowboys in the Morning
Recipient: ChiyoYume
Rating: G
Media: photoshop
Warnings: cuteness
Summary: Baby Jack loves to play cowboys in the morning.

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12th-Jul-2019 12:30 pm - Off Limits for blindswandive
Title: Off Limits
Recipient: blindswandive
Word Count: 8,174
Rating: Explicit
Author’s Notes: This prompt spoke to me, anyone hurting or threatening Sam makes Dean angry. Dangerously angry.
Warnings: Hurt Sam, Angry Dean, Attempted Rape, Drinking, Hurt/Comfort, Violence, Revenge, Kidnapping, Protective Dean, Dark Dean, Death, Minor Character Death

Summary: Someone hurt Sam. There’s Hell to pay for hurting his brother and Dean’s determined to make good on that promise.

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Title: Dean Does Disney World
Recipient: sweetondean
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word Count 7,880

Summary: Dean only has a year to live, and Sam is suffering from a very unusual form of PTSD after the trickster makes him watch his brother die over and over again with no way to stop it. It’s the perfect time for a side trip to Disney World. Prompts included: Dean out of his element - in a fun way, brothers doing something or going somewhere we’ve never seen them do or go, brothers being playful, kicking back, relaxing, and theme parks.

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Title: Impromptu Tour Guide
Recipient: gotaprettymouth
Rating: G
Media: Watercolor
Warnings: none

Summary: Dean Winchester is deep into his Engineering major at Smamford University in Northern California when he runs across Professor Castiel Novak looking just as lost as any freshman. The new World Religions teacher has just transferred from Derkley and needs helping finding the administration office. Dean's used to being a tour guide for the younger students but this Castiel dude looks hopeless so he takes pity on him and shows him the ropes.

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Title: Whatever Tomorrow Brings
Recipient: missyjack
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,600 circa.
Characters: Sam and Dean.
Warnings: A couple of four-letter curse words.
Author’s Note: Thank you for the great prompts, but I was inspired by the first one. ‘It’s not a curse or spell, it’s just that one day realizes they are getting old.’ I hope you get some enjoyment from reading and that the story responds in a minimum manner to what you might have expected. It’s essentially a bunker fic, set around season thirteen. A shout out to janicec678 who so kindly acted as beta for me. Thank you. Any eventual typos are on me alone.

Summary: Dean gets triggered by what one might consider the most innocuous of sights, but it affects him in a way even he can’t understand, until he does!

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8th-Jul-2019 10:11 am - A Tale of Instincts for kuwlshadow
Title: A Tale of Instincts
Recipient: kuwlshadow
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2983 words
Warnings: Nothing that you wouldn’t see in the show itself.
Summary: A spell zaps Dean Winchester into a baby and triggers a race against time to fix him. Fortunately, the brothers have a witch on their side -- though it’s a toss up whether it’s a witch they need most, or a mother. Good thing she happens to be both.

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