May 1st, 2010

SPN Brothers

Sign Up for SPN Summergen 2010

This is the sign-up post for SPN Summergen 2010!

To sign-up, leave a comment to this post using the guidelines and format below. If you don't sign up using these guidelines and this format, we're going to take it as a sign that you haven't read the rules and mock you gleefully because of it. Also, your sign-up won't count if it's in the wrong format.

Please, even if you've done summergen before and know how it all works, PLEASE do read through the guidelines below. The template is designed to make matching everyone up as straightforward as possible. Have mercy on your mods and make sure you understand what the template is asking for before you comment with your sign-up.

Sign ups are now closed. Please don't edit comments any further.

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Handy copy/paste version

And that's it!

Signups are now CLOSED.
Assignments will be sent out in the first week of June.