May 1st, 2019


Info and FAQ, 2019!

Here we are, gang. This, our last summer hiatus.

Summergen was initially conceived as an event to while away time over Hellatus; now, it's become a beloved thing in its own right and we couldn't be more grateful for all the wonderful participants and the fanworks created. Y'all are the best. How much longer Summergen will carry on? Who knows. Guess until we've all decided the sun has set on it. But until then? BREAK OUT THE FEELS AND THE FLIP-FLOPS. LET'S DO THIS THING!

For 2019's calendar and an event overview, click here. It contains important info; please read. This year's gift media will be fic and art (hand-drawn, digital, photomanips and graphics). We've eliminated video simply due to lack of interest.

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Summergen IS LIVE!

Summergen sign-ups are live!

Summergen is an anonymous, prompt-based, gen fanworks gift exchange designed to help Supernatural fans while away the desert months of summer hiatus. For an overview of the event, please visit HERE; for the FAQ, please visit HERE. Be sure you understand how we roll, so this can run smoothly for everyone. :)

Ready to play? Fill out THIS FORM and after you're finished, COPY THE URL ADDRESS OF YOUR PARTICULAR PAGE for your records. This is the only way you can revisit and change the info if you wish, before the sign-ups close. (If you have any troubles with this, though, contact a mod. We're sweeties!)

The sign-up period for 2019 is MAY 1st - MAY 19th!.

If you have any questions not addressed at the above links, feel free to leave those comments or concerns below, or drop us an email at

Let's make this last summer hiatus our best yet!

Sign-ups May 1 – May 19 - Click the banner for details!

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