September 1st, 2019


Midnight Rider, for kalliel (1/2)

Title: Midnight Rider
Recipient: kalliel
Rating: PG-13 / Teen and up
Word Count: 10.2k
Warnings: Brief implied Child Abuse, Language

Author Note: This is probably going to be a dead giveaway for who I am, but I’m going to go full speed ahead while the music swells like the Academy Awards. First, this fic took an entire village to write as I haven’t written anything SUPERNATURAL-related nor seen an episode of the show in five years before attempting the undertaking that is Summergen. First, infinite gratitude is offered to my betas tolakasa, blindswandive, and monicawoe, who not only caught SPAG errors and brainstormed suggestions and offered insight over the course of countless drafts, but also cheered and encouraged me to completion when I didn’t think I was going to ever finish this beast, let alone make my deadlines.

Thank you, also, to the rest of the 1st Draft Saloon Discord gang for writing sprints and offering expert details whenever I needed. Additional acknowledgements is also needed here: quickreaver for the location, wingstocarryon for a massive plot breakthrough, and alyndrafor an emergency last-minute beta and the title.

I’d like to offer an Edible Arrangement bouquet to quickreaver, kalliel, and dugindeep for being spectacular mods in organizing and running this massive event and their time in posting daily fic or art for a couple of months while fielding emails (numerous of which came from yours truly) and all the challenges that must come with such a large group of participants while also managing Real Life (TM). They also have my gratitude for generously giving me not one, but two extensions and forgiving me when I was still late.

Finally, bonus smishes to kalliel for such fabulous prompts…. I really hope this hits your high notes and pushes all the buttons even though this fic is probably not what you were expecting at all. It was an utter joy to write this for you. I ended up taking fragments of several prompts and tried to incorporate as many of them as I could. I definitely took your encouragement to play as loose with the prompts with reckless abandon. See the Author Note at the end of the fic for the full list of prompts to hunt down all the Easter Eggs within the fic.

Summary: The countdown alone is bad enough — Dean’s got thirteen days and change left — but throw in the fact that he’s hearing Hellhounds baying as it gets dark, can feel them bearing down on him and smell their rancid breath behind him…. Desperate for distraction and craving avoidance, he and Sam pursue leads in the hopes of a case, but Dean’s terror and dread attracts the stuff of lore and dreams become real.

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