September 6th, 2019


the sensation of a lot of flesh, for denugis

Title: the sensation of a lot of flesh
Recipient: de_nugis
Rating: M
Warnings: suicide/suicidal thoughts or some close metaphorical approximation thereof; non-sexual noncon messing with other people’s bodies
Wordcount: 6317

Summary: “Effigies let you study or act upon someone with impunity. They are good for practice.” (Jenny Holzer)
Author’s note: Thanks denugis for a set of prompts so good that I was effectively paralyzed by my desire to do them justice. This is a mixture of three, one of which I’ll leave to be discovered and the other two of which involved Sam re-encountering Max and Alicia now Alicia’s a doll, and a situation in which Sam’s god-gun wound didn’t heal. (Also - please forgive me for the end. That goes out to denugis specifically…) Thanks to julia-sets and lennelle for some excellent plot discussion and apologies to the mods for lateness!

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