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Crossed Paths, for backrose_17

Title: Crossed Paths
Recipient: backrose_17
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1754
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: Disregards everything after the first Avengers film and roughly takes place in S8. Hopefully this was something like what you wanted, as it was definitely an interesting prompt to tackle.

Summary: For the prompt: MCU Crossover. Sam and Dean meet the MCU heroes when they return Mjölnir to Thor.

One dead end after another. False leads that led them everywhere and nowhere, and now – here; outside an abandoned building on the outskirts of a small and dusty Midgardian town.

Thor brushed a hand against the side of his leg, tapping restlessly against the empty space where Mjölnir was usually secured. You show more care to Mjölnir than you have to any woman you’ve wooed, Loki had once teased, slyly. Would that Asgard’s women knew the heart of their golden prince had already been captured by another?

Thor had wrestled his brother in the ground with a growl of mock affront, and they had fought, rolling around in the dirt and laughter under the warmth of Asgard’s sun. Their lives had been simple then; futures laid out bright before them and the word brother but one fact among thousands.

The subdued longing for Loki, now old and familiar, fused into the sharp ache of Mjölnir’s absence now – one tangled, writhing mess of a wound. Perhaps there was some truth to Loki’s teasing after all.

“Damn,” Tony said next to him, fully suited up within the Iron Man armour. He lifted his faceplate. “Whoever these guys are, they really know how to pick ‘em. Place your bets, folks. Lame trap or even lamer prank?”

“Trap.” Natasha’s voice sounded through Thor’s earpiece, a three-way communication between them. “Ten bucks.”

“We have few other options,” Thor said wearily, ignoring the voice within him that solidly agreed with his teammates. “We cannot disregard sources that might be of value.”

“And for all we know your brother’s watching us make ourselves look like idiots, just for kicks. I mean, c’mon. No one apart from you can even pick up your hammer of justice, you really think some guys found it in the middle of nowhere and decided to play good Samaritans? Bullshit.”

The truth in Tony’s words wound deep into Thor’s frustration. Someone had stolen Mjölnir from right beneath his watch; had cast a spell that prevented him from summoning her, where before he’d always been able to feel her steady presence from leagues away. The chances of Loki being one of the few to possess such skill were – well.

“Heads up. Black vehicle heading towards your meet site,” Natasha’s voice broke through abruptly. “Two passengers, male.”

Thor turned towards the horizon, where a distant growl heralded the arrival of the vehicle. Next to him, Tony tensed and flipped his faceplate back on. “Oh, whoa,” he said a moment later. “You kidding me?”

Natasha’s description had not done it justice. Long, black and sleek, the vehicle announced its arrival with a dignity that demanded to be noticed, the sound of its engines drowning out any other noise. Thor eyed it with wary curiosity. It was unlike any of the cars Thor had seen in Stark’s garage. As the driver cut the engine, the air around them settled into a sudden silence.

A minute later, two men stepped out of the car in fluid synchronicity. Warriors, was Thor’s first thought. He eyed them closely; they held themselves like fighters, but carried a weariness around their shoulders that spoke of a close familiarity with battle – and with loss. The shorter one’s eyes immediately focused in on Tony, mouth quirking briefly into a grin. The other one, he noticed, looked pale, his gait slightly uneven. His eyes flicked constantly towards Thor. They stopped a few feet away, expressions friendly but their postures wary, the shorter one standing slightly in front of the other in an almost protective manner.

Natasha spoke through the earpiece. “Retrieved facial identification from Iron Man’s cams. Running it through SHIELD databases now.”

At the same time, the shorter one spoke. “Hey,” he said, nodding. “I’m Jim. This is my brother, Roy.”

“Huh,” Tony said, after a pause. “You weren’t what I was expecting.”

“What were you expecting?” Jim raised an eyebrow.

“I dunno, less...” Tony waved a hand in their general direction, “plaid-y.”

“Hey,” the man protested. “What the hell’s wrong with–“

“It’s good to meet you too, Mr. Stark, Thor,” Roy interrupted. “We’re happy to be able to help you guys out.”

Thor stepped forward, frowning. “Are you truly in possession of Mjölnir? And you would simply return her to me, without demand?”

Roy paused. ”Well. Yeah? I mean, you guys are the Avengers. It’s sort of the right thing to do, isn’t it?”

“Nuh uh.” Tony countered. “No one’s that good hearted as to give up a bargaining chip like a Norse god’s lightning hammer without trying to strike some kind of deal.”

At that, both men seemed to wince. “Deals? Nah,” said Jim. “Not really our style.”

Roy made an odd choking sound, but when Thor glanced at him his face was showed no expression.

“Look, honestly, I think it’s been missing you too, which I wouldn’t have thought was even possible.” Roy rounded the car, disappearing behind the trunk. “We’ve got it over here.”

Thor frowned, glancing slowly at Tony before they both slowly stepped towards the vehicle. Oddly, he saw both brothers’ eyes flick briefly towards the ground in front of them before exchanging glances, both of them relaxing minutely.

A trap of some sort? Thor wondered. The brothers had an unreadable quality about them, like men who were used to keeping secrets. As he neared the car, his hand brushed idly against its silver rim.

Fire rushed through him, a spark that burned and deep and powerful. Thor jerked back, even as he recalled the sensation of warmth and the clear emotion of fierce protectiveness and loyalty directed towards its owners.

The car was sentient, Thor realized with growing wonder. Who were these brothers? To have an unbreakable familial bond between object and owner, it was almost like his own with –

“Here,” Roy said, emerging from behind the trunk with Mjölnir gripped in his hand. He held it out handle first towards Thor, and all thoughts of the car fled from Thor’s mind.

Mjölnir. Held casually in the Midgardian’s hand.

“…Holy shit,” said Tony.

An illusion? Perhaps a replica? Eyed locked in the hammer, Thor reached forward, heart in his throat. His fingers wrapped slowly around the handle.

The moment he touched her, Mjölnir glowed with a bright blue light, accompanied by the sound of shattering glass. Thor felt the instant she broke free of whatever enchantments had restrained her, and a loud, warm hum suffused through his fingertips and throughout his body. There was no doubt it was indeed her, and not a fake. And that meant – that meant –

“Who are you?” Thor asked, and it was everything all at once, question and demand. Who were these men who carried themselves like jaded warriors? Who held mysteries, and inspired loyalty, and wielded Mjölnir like none other but Thor ever had – as if it were nothing?

Roy stepped back, expression shuttering. “I believe we’ve covered introductions,” he said in a careful tone. “Now we’ve returned your hammer. You guys get to carry on with your whole Avenging thing, so we’ll just be on our way.”

“Thor, Stark,” Natasha cut in, sounding tense. “We got a match on ID. Real names are Sam and Dean Winchester. Previously wanted for multiple first-degree murders, possession of illegal firearms, armed robbery, identity theft – list goes on. Date of death listed as February 21st, 2008, probably faked.”

Killers? To steal the life of innocents, and yet be worthy of Mjölnir - everything was shifting from one instant to the next. Thor did not understand. None of this made sense.

“Shit,” Tony breathed, and when Thor looked at him he saw the same incomprehension, the same conflict - he knew the instant the brothers realized it, saw as they glanced at him and Tony, then at each other, cold understanding alighting their expressions as one of them – Jim – Sam? Dean? reached towards his back for a weapon.

Everything exploded into action.

“Don’t even think about it,” Tony snapped, repulsors firing up. The brothers split and lunged in different directions, one of them darting towards the car even as Natasha’s voice spoke clearly into his ear, “Backup arriving in three minutes” and Tony’s “Don’t worry Nat, we got this”, and even as Thor tightened his grip on Mjölnir and called on his power through her, preparing for battle, automatically pushing his conflict to the back of his mind, and even as he reached out to Mjölnir for her wild and untamed power –

Mjölnir resisted.

Thor halted, baffled. He tried once more. Mjölnir sent a reluctant frisson of power up his arm.

Mjölnir had never been reluctant to act against any of his enemies.

Unease swirled heavy within Thor and abruptly he called out to Tony to stop, even as he saw the taller warrior – Roy? Sam? - stumble and fall to his knees, hands clutched tight to his head.

“Did you – ?” Thor whirled round to face Tony.

“I didn’t hit him! I just fired off a warning shot, didn’t even get near them – ”

“Sammy? Shit, c’mon not now, you’re gonna be okay, just take it easy – “ the other warrior was dropping to his knees right next to his brother, supporting his weight and turning them round to shield his brother protectively. Twisting, he turned to face them both with a cold look. Panic glimmered underneath. “We’ll do what you ask,” he said flatly. “So back the fuck off.”

Thor glanced at Tony. They lowered their weapons without a word.

It was almost a relief when Natasha arrived with SHIELD agents to take the brothers into custody. Everything had spiralled out of control. He watched as the brothers gave no resistance and were soon transported out of sight, and eventually Thor and Tony were the only ones remaining.

They both remained silent as they took to the air and made their way back to Manhattan.


Three days later, Thor was informed that the brothers had escaped from SHIELD custody. For every answer he had tried to find about the two warriors, there had only been more questions. Mysteries and contradictions.

Perhaps, Thor thought, it was better this way.

Strapped into his belt, he felt Mjölnir give a satisfied hum.

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