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Ready to guess?

Here are your participants, Summergenners, along with a list of works! You have until Friday to see how well you know your fellow creators. ;)  Good luck!

  1. Altschmerzes

  2. Alyndra

  3. Amberdreams

  4. Annie46 (P)

  5. AntipodesAnnie

  6. Ber_g (P)

  7. Birdsofthesoul

  8. BlindSwanDive

  9. Bratfarrar

  10. Brightly_lit (P)

  1. Broken_cinders

  2. Chestercbennington

  3. ChiyoYume

  4. Chris9065

  5. Cowboyguy

  6. Crowroad

  7. De_nugis

  8. Disneymagic

  9. Dizzojay

  10. DLWinchester

  1. Emmatheslayer

  2. Excoyote

  3. Finchandsparrow

  4. Firealchemist18 (P)

  5. Giacinta2

  6. Gotaprettymouth

  7. Interstitial

  8. Jdl71

  9. Troll_la_la

  10. Jennytork

  1. Jj1564

  2. Julia_sets

  3. Kalliel

  4. Kuwlshadow

  5. Ladykiki

  6. Lennelle

  7. Marciaelena

  8. Missyjack

  9. Monicawoe

  10. Nwspaprtaxis

  1. Polleekin

  2. Quickreaver

  3. Red_b_rackham

  4. Road_rhythm

  5. RoaringMice

  6. Sakarrie

  7. Sci_fis

  8. Septembers_coda

  9. Sweetheartdean

  10. Sweetondean

  1. Tammyrenh (P)

  2. The_rant_girl

  3. Themegalosaurus

  4. ThePlaidFox (P)

  5. TheYmp

  6. Tifaching

  7. TigerLilyNoh

  8. Tyrsibs

  9. Verucasalt123

  10. Wetsammy

  1. Zara_zee

  2. Zubeneschamli

(P) = also pinch hit a gift

The Snake Which Cannot Cast Its Skin for jennytork
 Hearing voices is never a good sign, even in the world of the supernatural. But Dean has heard these voices before. They might provide more than the answers to a tricky case in the Florida Everglades the Winchesters must solve under the shadow of the Darkness.

(Re)Born to Be Wild for excoyote
Sam is dying and an old, familiar ally offers him a way out. He might have known that there would be a twist…but he never thought he would end up so small and so damn furry. How can he let his brother know he’s back when he can’t even wag his tail?

Upchuck Central for giacinta2
In which Sam throws up a lot and Dean reads Dashiell Hammett.

Whosoever Holds for zubeneschamali
Just when Sam Winchester needs it most, Mjölnir returns to him. But is he really worthy?

The Healer and His Dragon for annie46
Written for the prompt: Sam swaps places with an alternative world Sam.

Nine-tenths of the la for verucasalt123
Sam’s got demon blood in him; a disease pumping through his veins. He can never rip it out or scrub it clean and after the fiasco with the rugaru, he no longer believes he can make something good out of it either. A hunt down in New Orleans opens up a whole new world of possibilities and Sam figures if he’s smart; if he takes action early enough; if he makes the right deals; then maybe he can find a bearable alternative to becoming a creature of evil.

A Tale of Instincts for kuwlshadow
A spell zaps Dean Winchester into a baby and triggers a race against time to fix him. Fortunately, the brothers have a witch on their side -- though it’s a toss up whether it’s a witch they need most, or a mother. Good thing she happens to be both.

Whatever Tomorrow Brings for missyjack
Dean gets triggered by what one might consider the most innocuous of sights, but it affects him in a way even he can’t understand, until he does!

Impromptu Tour Guide for gotaprettymouth
Dean Winchester is deep into his Engineering major at Smamford University in Northern California when he runs across Professor Castiel Novak looking just as lost as any freshman. The new World Religions teacher has just transferred from Derkley and needs helping finding the administration office. Dean's used to being a tour guide for the younger students but this Castiel dude looks hopeless so he takes pity on him and shows him the ropes.

Dean Does Disney World for sweetondean
Dean only has a year to live, and Sam is suffering from a very unusual form of PTSD after the trickster makes him watch his brother die over and over again with no way to stop it. It’s the perfect time for a side trip to Disney World. Prompts included: Dean out of his element - in a fun way, brothers doing something or going somewhere we’ve never seen them do or go, brothers being playful, kicking back, relaxing, and theme parks.

Off Limits for blindswandive
Someone hurt Sam. There’s Hell to pay for hurting his brother and Dean’s determined to make good on that promise.

Cowboys in the Morning for ChiyoYume
Baby Jack loves to play cowboys in the morning.

Delia for bratfarrar
Three things are true in the united states of Winchester: 1) Ghosts make more ghosts. 2) Darkness has taken up residence in a girl named Delia, who is dead. 3) You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your readers.

Taking the Reign for troll_la_la
Some of Charlie's old LARPing friends encounter a monster and reach out to Sam, but get Apocalypse World Charlie instead.

Starry Night for chestercbennington
 “Dean should have known better. If there was anything that he should have learned by now, it was that there’s no such thing as an easy hunt. And now, lugging his bleeding baby brother back to the car, the lesson had been deeply re-ingrained.”

a geometrical history of the hairpin turn for interstitial
Sam makes and breaks a deal, Cas stars in the Amy Pond Redux, and Dean considers the hairpin turn.

Deserts for polleekin
 Chuck informs Sam and Dean after defeating them in battle that he's going to give them the ending they deserve. Things aren't looking good.

A spell gone wrong.
An invisible brother.
An existential crisis.
A knitting circle.
And the one thing all these things have in common: Dean Winchester.

Shards for julia-sets
Zombies and ghosts they can handle, but this? Just another sick twist in Chuck’s story.

Complications in Translation for jdl71
There’s a reason Dean rarely performs magic.

The Sixth Day for birdsofthesoul
Jack, a hundred years post canon.

For Thine is the Kingdom for zara_zee
Based on the “God just plunged the world into The Apocalypse. I’d like to see the boys and Cas doing what they do best: saving people, hunting things” prompt! Team Free Will-y goodness of Cas appreciating Sam and Dean’s humanity variety.

Switch for the community
Sam and Dean get caught in a body swap during season 7 while Sam’s hallucinating Lucifer, and Dean experiences Hallucifer.

Art Gifts for ThePlaidFox
Sea creature Cas approaches two young merchildren with a present he thinks they would like -- except that the older, Dean, is suspicious of him, a total stranger, and fiercely protective of his younger brother Sam. // genderswapped Team Free Will! ft. Sammy the sunflower, Dean the badass boss bitch, and Cas the holy tax accountant.

Thyrsus for broken_cinders
A pagan god(dess) + Dean's unfortunate penchant for snark + Winchester luck = one very annoyed little brother.

Shelter from the Storm for amberdreams
With no leads on Amara or Lucifer, Sam and Dean are in a holding pattern. So after defeating the Soul Eater in Michigan, they head to Goodlettsville, TN to take out the Soul Eater that Bobby had trapped but not killed there years earlier. They find it harder than they expected.

Loyalty to a King for the community
 He saw Sam sitting in a dimly lit room, hunched over the table. He had one hand wrapped around a bottle of alcohol, Dean couldn’t make out which one it was. He was grasping at his hair and Dean could see tears running down his face.

In the Tower of the Castle for sci_fis
"And, for a while, I thought I was the princess, cotton candy pink, sitting there in my room, in the tower of the castle.” A girl-stealing monster steals Sam away, and Dean must get her back.

Gemini for Chris9065
Dean Winchester is about to return home after staying a year in the international space station. Bigger adventures await him at home.

You want a better story. Who wouldn’t? for tigerlilynoh
Everyone needs a place. It shouldn't be inside of someone else.
I turned my back on the story. A sense of superiority.
Everything casts a shadow.
Your body told me in a dream it's never been afraid of anything.

Bear Necessities for tyrsibs
The teddy bear with its mouth sewn shut is now locked away somewhere in the bunker. Why was Sam so drawn to it? Where did it come from? What would it hurt if he just pulled the string?

Homework for AntipodesAnnie
Dean Winchester helping is young brother Sam with his homework …

Bonding Over Fluffy White Wonder Bread for altschmerzes
Dean decides he’ll wait for another day to tell Jack about the sandwich he wished for in the Chinese restaurant all those years ago. Or the time a turducken special from Biggerson’s tried to kill him.

The Keys for TheYmp
Every time he turns his back, his keys are gone again.

What’s In This Drink? for disneymagics
Five times Dean Winchester walked away from being roofied, and the one time he almost didn’t.

To Thaw Cold Fear for alyndra
Jack has found a new way to help his friends and find peace in the night.

dread in my heart for septembers_coda
“Look, Sammy,” Dean starts, and Sam watches as his brother takes in a deep breath and looks around the diner, “I know it’s easy to be paranoid. Hell, I’d be lying if I said I’m not sure this ain’t just some dream. But the lore checks out, and when we made the wish—”

Squinting at Life for the community
It's movie night and Sam notices that there's something wrong with Cas.

Almost Got ‘Em for the community
Deep in the depths of Hell, a group of demons discuss the two latest pains in their collective ass: Sam and Dean Winchester. Rumor is that the brothers had found the Colt and even killed a demon. Of course, rumors are just big talk— yet a pair of demons patiently listen; their plan is already in action.

Wrong Number for red_b_rackham
The hunt was never supposed to go this way. Dean was just out interviewing witnesses, Sam hours away, when the monster they're after sets upon him, sending him over the side of a steep-walled ravine. He has just enough left in him to hit dial on his phone before he loses consciousness. The voice that wakes him is not the one he expected.

Truth from Fiction for jj1564
CW Arrowverse/SPN crossover. It could be that you should never meet your heroes.

Five Times Jody & Donna Had Drinks After A Hunt for ber_g
Sometimes the thing to do after a hunt, is to chill out and have a drink. Five times Jody and Donna had drinks together after a hunt, and one time they didn't.

River Jordan (Highway 34) for sweetheartdean
Sam and Dean, on the run through the wilderness for not killing the President. But all roads have tolls to pay. Which brother is bound for the promised Empty?

keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies for ladykiki
If Dean had known then what he knows now, he never would have let Sam out of his sight.

Counting Stars for the community
They say your life flashes before your eyes before you die. For Adam, living, dying, and everything in between can be muddled. Winchesters don’t stay dead forever, and Adam’s story isn’t over yet.

You Always Hurt The One You Love for sakarrie
Sam is exhausted and can’t rest while he is trying to stop Dean from sacrificing himself yet again. On the verge of a breakdown Castiel is the only person who can help him and the angel is set to have a few choice and brutally honest words with Dean.

The Scent Surrounding Me for DLWinchester
After the fire that changed everything Dean can't sleep at night, surrounded by fire and flames in his dreams. After getting his mom back as well he finds himself in a recurring situation once again.

Bunker Down for cowboyguy
When tornadoes above trap them within the bunker below, Sam's triggered by memories of his time in the Cage. He can sense the weight of the earth pressing down, and it's all he can do not to start screaming. If it wasn't for Dean, that is.

Got A Light In Her Face for the community
Dean and Charlie and an interlude in the middle of nowhere.

Heaven Is for tammyrenh
He doesn’t do anything so formal as pray. In fact, he’s trying not to think about anything but the book in his hand. Gabriel hears him loud and clear anyway.

Winchester Beach Day for emmatheslayer
The Winchester boys finally get a day to relax in the sun.

chiaroscuro for wetsammy
An ode to Sam and Dean.

Tweety’s Claws and Pink Furry Balls for tifaching
Sam is struggling to cope with Dean’s post-hell issues and Dean’s lack of communication doesn’t help. When Dean gets seriously injured on a hunt for a monster they haven’t encountered before, Sam enlists Bobby’s help to find a cure for Dean. Meanwhile, in his delirium, Dean reveals more about the tortures he suffered in hell.

What a Ghost Wants for brightly_lit
Brady wasn’t expecting to wake up again after Sam stabbed him in the heart. But he did have some last requests.

The Last Lost Vestiges for the_rant_girl
Dean’s memories return; more a trickle than a flood.

a postmodern manifesto of joylessness for nwspaprtaxis
Why does the Impala smell like bird?

Stanford for RoaringMice
Sam had worked hard to get into Stanford, but now that he was here, would it be everything he’d been dreaming of?

Heart, Throat for crowroad
For the prompt, Lightning storm. 1998 and a casefic that never quite resolves.

Magical Me for marciaelena
Magic can be beautiful.

The Holy Grail Bird for monicawoe
The God-gun has a divine recoil effect. Sam has to have another try at living with power.

Ecclesiastes for lennelle
Sam and Jessica are getting married soon, wedding plans are underway and Dean's driving all the way for a tux fitting. But something is not quite right with this picture.

Midnight Rider for kalliel
The countdown alone is bad enough — Dean’s got thirteen days and change left — but throw in the fact that he’s hearing Hellhounds baying as it gets dark, can feel them bearing down on him and smell their rancid breath behind him…. Desperate for distraction and craving avoidance, he and Sam pursue leads in the hopes of a case, but Dean’s terror and dread attracts the stuff of lore and dreams become real.

Having Our Backs for themegalosaurus
Sam's been taken by an unknown creature, and it's going to take more than Dean to get him back.

Road Block for finchandsparrow
Gordon Walker needs his road opened.

The Master’s House for firealchemist18
Today is the first-ever Tuesday. Sam's been told there will be more.

Blood Moon for quickreaver
Sam runs into a hiker while he and Dean are staying at a closed for the season campground on the night of a lunar eclipse. It doesn't end well

the sensation of a lot of flesh for de_nugis
“Effigies let you study or act upon someone with impunity. They are good for practice.” (Jenny Holzer)

Hummingbird Bones for road_rhythm
Based on two prompts: "The children of violent men develop vivid powers of fantasy." -- Pat Conroy, The Great Santini, and this image.
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