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Masterlist, Summergen 2021!

And here we have it, gang! Summergen 2021 IS REVEALED!

Thanks to all our talented participants and especially, to co-mods kalliel, dugindeep, and special consultant monicawoe for all their expertise and patience as we integrated AO3 into our system!

All the gifts should now be revealed over on AO3. If you haven't added your handiwork to the Summergen 2021 subcollection (Supernatural Summergen 2021 (SPN_Summergen_2021)), pop over to your fic, scroll to the bottom of the page, and you should find a drop-down to add your fic. If there are any problems, please let us know; we'll sort it out.

And now, with no further ado, the 2021 Masterlist, under the cut!

Fight of Her Life by Alyndra for Icanseenow
Magda seeks Sam's help when she sees a gun pointed at her by a strange man, and in the blink of an eye, Sam comes through...well. For her, in her, potayto, potahto. Projection, possession. The important point is Magda's fighting.

the cat has the bones by de_nugis for noblememoruled
Desert island, survival, riddles.

O What A Tangled Web by themegalosaurus for verucasalt123
"That animal has lightning reflexes," says Dean.

Empty Vessel by finchandsparrow for angelfishofthelord
Occupying a vessel without a soul is something Castiel is still getting used to. A dramatic injury and an unexpected Sam and Dean Winchester just complicate matters. Late S6.

Space Oddity - CYOA by Misha_McCarthy for Broken_Cinders
The brothers have picked up something that should have been just another hunt- zipping through the outer reaches of space and dealing with foreign alien activity. Only, Dean has them running a little late, and it soon becomes clear that this job is not going to go their way.

Can you get through all of the ups and downs and lead everyone to safety?


I could never take the world alone by Canon_Is_Relative for sakarrie
'Since we got rid of Chuck, every day it feels like I’m trying to fit all the pieces of my life together, see if they still make up the same thing they did before. Like, does everything mean the same thing it used to mean, you know?'

[ART] So Long at the Fair by quickreaver for Septembers_coda
The Winchesters deserve time off, even if it's just a pit stop to the state fair.

Cottontail by Broken_Cinders for QueenBagelcat
Dean has a history with bunnies. It’s complicated. But any time he gets to pet one and make Sam laugh all in the same day is a win in his books.

Of Future Past by citrusjava for The Tinglenator (Misha_McCarthy)
Dean time travels to the future -- or does he...

Pleasant Hill by ladykiki for quickreaver
Another carnival. Another hunt. This one might change them forever. Why can't they ever just visit a carnival for fun?


[ART] There Were Giants in Those Days: Tales From the Hunters' Chronicles by cassiopeia7 for chiliscale
Sure, everyone knows the Winchester mythos, but before the time of Sam and Dean, there was another legendary (and somewhat surly) hunting team ...

Countdown by tifaching for Jen_814
Bela's got ten years left until her deal comes due. How will she live them?

Ten two hundred word snapshots outlining the years of Bela's deal.

Lost On Journeys We Walked On by dimeliora for crowroad
Souls are the only game in town--and what a town.

Seeing Double by WetSammyWinchester for themegalosaurus
Local folks didn’t worry the sheriff too much. But the two handsome, well-dressed men sitting in his interrogation room for the past eight hours? They were trouble with a capital T.

Only a Matter of Time by juliasets for Merenwen76
After so many years, Sam Winchester is finally reunited with his brother in Heaven—nothing to kill or die for, just the open road before them as they road trip across America. It’s all Sam’s wanted, ever since that fateful day in Ohio.

With no need for secrets between them anymore, Sam has to tell Dean about his life, his son. And he will, eventually. But why complicate things?

(In which the Winchesters never learn, but it’s okay)


the landscape after cruelty by lyryk (s_k) for TheYmp
Title from Siken. Written for a prompt about Sam being able to enter Dean's dreams, and also inspired by Stiefvater's Dream Thieves. Set sometime during Sam and Dean’s antagonism over being Lucifer and Michael’s vessels + the looming apocalypse.

There's a Calm Before the Storm by zubeneschamali for brightly_lit
Written for the following two prompts from summergen, set pre-series: Sam's powers are the hardest to hide when it rains, and John never told some of his secrets about what he knew when.

Happy Days by kalliel (Member) for Maria (Queenofcarnage)
In thirteen hours, happy endings will be the only game in town. Sam and Dean missed the memo. Pre-15x20.

The Fighter Still Remains by tyrsibs (twiceshy) for red_b_rackham
Connections can be made in the quiet moments, between the swing of the punching bag and the next jab. OR Two Bobbys, One Dean, and the lifetimes of stories that separate them and bring them together.

Sharing A Drink by AnotherWriterWhoWrites for zubeneschamali
S12 fic: Mary and Sam talking through the aftermath of being brainwashed and possessed, respectively, remembering the things your hands have done to other people.


Matchstick Boy by ourparallels for Little_Winchester
Sam's life has never been normal. And now that he can will fire to appear, he doubts he'll ever be anything remotely close to normal.

Iris by QueenBagelcat for IAmSorry__sendmeaprompt
Sam and Dean finish a case that gets them an unexpected gift, that shocks them both and forces Sam to face his past.

subject and object by stardustdean for caranfindel
Sam works a case on Halloween and tries not to think of all the ways Dean could kill him if he only wanted to.

Summertime Sadness by AmyPond45 for ourparallels
Sam hates his life.

He Who Hunts Monsters by Zara_Zee for SpiritClusters
Instead of Dean showing up at Sam's apartment during the Stanford years, Sam shows up very bloody at Dean's motel when he's supposed to be at school.


Career Boy by TheYmp for Jld71
Dean Smith is working overtime trying to meet an important deadline when his computer crashes. Enlisting Sam Wesson to his aid, he learns new ways to find a work-life balance.

Regrets, I’ve Had A Few by jeanny for kingstoken
Just because Sam's in hell by choice doesn't mean it's not hell.

[ART] Marked by sakarrie for monicawoe
In season 4, when Sam sends demons back to Hell, they’re marked by him (something visible like the handprint on Dean’s shoulder). This mark makes those demons either outcasts or celebrities in Hell.

[ART] Boom! by Amberdreams for shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod
You can check in but you can never leave...unless you're a Winchester.

[ART] He Listens by Emmatheslayer for WetSammyWinchester
Chuck is not god. Everyday Chuck goes to the woods and reads hoping Jack ( The new god ) hears him.


Passenger by SpiritClusters for Lennelle
After the Trials, Sam and Dean are in the middle of a hunt when Sam begins to notice things aren't quite right. He can't remember things, he's blanking, and he feels wrong. It really doesn't help that he's slowly coming to the wrong conclusion about this.

Big South by crowroad for Amberdreams
Celebrating the life--or Winchesters, the ghost of a ghost town, and a world without sin.

Life is a Highway by TammyRenH for borgmama1of5
Dean takes Sam on a road trip for his birthday.

The Adventure of the Missing Child by Broken_Cinders for citrusjava
During Changing Channels, Dean and Sam find themselves in the infamous 221 B Baker Street where they have to solve an 1880s style mystery that includes an impossible pregnancy, a grumpy Lestrade, and poorly researched historical information!

Together by Jld71 for Zara_Zee
Sam’s abilities start to manifest themselves, much to Dean’s dismay. The question is, how will the brothers handle this?


Vacation, All I've Never Wanted by alpacamybags for Dizzojay
It was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to be stress free.

Then again, the universe never could make anything easy for the Winchesters, could it? Not even a simple road trip.

Locked In by Jen_814 for kalliel
Time moved in such odd ways; Anna sometimes walked down the corridor in her own life, and sometimes there were other people there, other families. She didn’t like the intrusion, but she didn’t usually take action. Unless, of course, there was someone in her house that she didn’t like. No hostess could accommodate that, and why should she? It fell to her to arrange for their eviction. They should never have come inside at all.

There's a ghost in this house - Sam and Dean investigate.

Helter Skelter by Annie46fic for finchandsparrow
Outsider POV of Sam and Dean; this store clerk doesn’t see them as heroes but psychos. Fake Badges, knives and salt are just some of the things she just doesn’t understand… Why isn’t she allowed to call an ambulance for a seriously wounded Sammy? Why doesn’t she just run?

A Parking Lot, Summer 94 by noblememoruled for Emmatheslayer
And this afternoon, they planned a magnificent water balloon fight, that even kids from the other motel across the street are supposed to attend. It’s not the kind of event Dean is excited about, but he told himself Sam’ll have fun with the other kids. On the hour, there’s maybe twenty of them there, but it feels like a hundred. They’re all hoisting garbage bags and rubbermaid tubs full of their own water balloons. This is a stupid, commonplace blowout. His limbs are light with trepidation.

Dean's about to get out of Purgatory, and he won't be the same person he once was.

[ART] Witches on a Mission by ThePlaidFox for De_Nugis
What if Max and Rowena interacted? We’ve seen a lot of different takes on hunters working together, how about some collaboration between very different witches? Possibly rescuing Sam from something, because my id’s gonna id.


john dee and chocolate chip waffles by angelfishofthelord for Canon_Is_Relative
“Are you alright, Sam?” Cas repeats.

“Mhm.” Sam doesn’t even try to make himself sound convincing; he’s much too exhausted for that. He pushes his palms against his forehead, eyelids folding down halfway. It’s like he can feel his body abandoning him, leaving a skeletal frame that serves as a barely functioning scaffolding. “So what’d I miss about John Dee?”

Brace For Impact by shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod for Dakota99
Sam knew Dean teaching him to drive was important. Skills would be learned and mistakes would be made. The thing was, everyone said the car crash wasn’t Sam’s fault. Everyone but Sam.

Phantom Limb by Icanseenow for LiberAmans214
Sam has a hard time adjusting at Stanford. Things finally start looking up when he meets Brady, but forging a friendship while trying to hide your past creates its own set of problems. And then there's Dean, always lurking in the back of Sam's mind. Aching like a phantom limb.

We can be heroes, just for one day by caranfindel for tifaching
Dean doesn't get to call the shots this time. Dean doesn't ever get to decide again that someone has to live, no matter how peaceful the end that awaits them, no matter how painful and useless their life is, no matter how high the price of keeping them alive, no matter how ready they are to end it all. Dean doesn't get to demand that they keep living just because he can't stand losing them. And he doesn't get to go off and fucking die himself anyway and leave them alone. Dean doesn't get to do that again.

(Sam might, just possibly, be a little bitter.)

Who`s Gonna Take You Home? by Merenwen76 for TammyRenH
Sam takes Dean Jr (any age) on a road trip to some of the places he and Dean had worked cases, may be run into a few familiar faces along the way.


Thursday's Child by Dizzojay for alpacamybags
Castiel is the angel of Thursday, but he’s so done with this particular Thursday…

Whiskey & Iron by red_b_rackham for stardustdean
She didn’t look back until she’d reached her car, heart thundering in her throat. There was no way in hell she was going back in there. Damn it - Bela needed a hunter. (Or, the one where Bela runs into a little problem on a job and ropes Rufus into helping her, and of course, it turns out to be more dangerous than either of them thought it would be.)

Fly by Night by citrusjava for deanandsam
Sam can't keep watching Dean look for a father who doesn't even want to be found.

Resurrection Mary by borgmama1of5 for tyrsibs (twiceshy)
Heaven and Hell are out of the picture now, so the Winchesters are back to what they used to do: Saving People, Hunting Things. This one looks like a pretty straightforward Hunting Things. (Set post 15.19 but before 15.20)

Snow or Ash by brightly_lit for YohKoBennington
Dean Winchester, all of 15 years old, has turned their entire town upside down. His father is even worse, claiming it's the apocalypse and trying to fill the heads of Wallis's already conspiracy-theory-prone neighbors with all kinds of crazy ideas. Those Winchesters are up to something, and as a counselor at Dean's high school, she might be the one person who's able to do something to stop them.


The Road Home by Septembers_coda for Annie46fic
Sam is determined to give his son what he never had: a choice, and a chance at a normal life free of monsters. But when little Dean starts "remembering" things he has no business knowing, Sam worries about where that mystery will lead, and if salt rounds and holy water could take the place of science fair prizes and themed birthday parties...

The Journey Is The Destination by deanandsam for ladykiki
Sam thinks back to his time with Magda, the young girl they helped set free. She had psychic abilities much like the ones Sam once possessed.
Sometimes though, surprises can catch you unaware.

[ART] Impressing the Pupil by kingstoken for cassiopeia7
Graphic of Rowena and Sam doing a spell together.

A LARPer’s Work Is Never Done by IAmSorry__sendmeaprompt for jeanny
Charlie makes it to Heaven and finds Harvelle’s Roadhouse, complete with the Harvelles in question and a few other hunters, who she has to work with to save Sam and Dean from Heaven’s schemes once again.

Still Driving by monicawoe (Member) for juliasets
Dean is driving the car.

That’s all he’s doing. He’s got his eyes on the road, and hasn’t spared a glance at Sam for a solid forty minutes.


Not Normal; Safe by Canon_Is_Relative for AnotherWriterWhoWrites
Dean Winchester II at age seven, sixteen, nineteen, and twenty-six.

welcome to normalville by Maria (Queenofcarnage) for AmyPond45
no one is really normal right?

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