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Morgan Briarwood

HTML formatting for submissions

I've received a couple of stories that use special formatting, i.e. bold and italics, but don't include the HTML tags.

I realise the rules might have been unclear about this, but we did say that submissions must be properly formatted for LJ posting. I guess a lot of people use the rich text editor now, and that's fine if you're just copy/pasting from MS Word...but I do not have MS Word. Right now I'm using Google docs and that strips out a lot of formatting when you copy. There are other good reasons not to use the rich text option, but I won't go into them here. Just please understand that stories are going not going to be posted that way.

So please, please include the correct tags, or don't use special formatting. You can see how it works by trying it out - make a private post in your own LJ using the HTML posting interface (the tab to switch is just next to the subject line). It's really easy, honestly. You just have to add a little bit of code around the parts of the text you want changed. See under the cut for a quick how-to guide.

Italics - use either <i> or <em>, thus:

<i>text you want in italics</i>
<em>text you want in italics</em>

both should give you

text you want in italics

Bold - use either <b> or <strong>, thus:

<b>text you want bold</b>

<strong>text you want bold</strong>

both should give you:

text you want bold

Other tags include

<s>strikethrough for crossed out text</s> strikethrough for crossed out text
<u>underlined text</u> underlined text

For lists you need to begin and end each item with an <li>text here</li> tag, but you also need to begin and end the list itself with a different tag.

<ul> means unordered list and will give you bullet points:



  • just

  • like 

  • this

and <ol> means ordered list and will give you numbers:

  1. just

  2. like

  3. this

don't forget to close the list with </ul> or </ol> at the end, too.

If there's anything else you want to know how to do, comment and ask.
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