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Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange
Summer 2017
SPN Summergen Master List 2009 
7th-Sep-2009 06:00 pm
SPN Bobby Awesome

SPN Summergen Master List 2009

And here it is! If there are any mistakes, please leave a comment to let me know. With the number of submissions this year, I won't be shocked if I've got one or two mixed up. I will be adding author names to the story posts over the next few days.

Note: Where the recipient is listed as spn_summergen it is because the original recipient withdrew from the challenge. These stories were posted as gifts for the community as a whole.


Trying to get to the bar by dotfic
Recipient: faithintheboys
Warnings: Season 4 spoilers, canon deaths
Summary: Once a hunter, always a hunter. Even in Heaven.

And Burn the Long-liv'd Phoenix In Her Blood by tabaqui
Recipient: fonapola
Warnings: None
Summary: *from the prompt* Mary never died, but she couldn't run from hunting forever (bonus if everyone in the family survives in the AU 'verse)

Lorax Lessons by innie_darling
Recipient: twasadark
Warnings: None
Summary: Home is a state of mind.

No Way Out But Through by yo_gert
Recipient: krazykipper
Warnings: a couple of f-bombs
Summary: Ava's first 24 hours in Cold Oak.

Once Upon a Time (or whatever that means) by opheliahyde
Recipient: spn_summergen
Warnings: Crack
Summary: So, fairytales, huh? Yeah, I think so. Man, I hate fairytales.

The Axeman by pdragon76
Recipient: kogsy21
Warnings: Whump, cussing.
Summary: When the axe falls, the contingency comes into play.

Lost and Found by scribblesinink
Recipient: mamaesme
Warnings: Some references to violence against children.
Summary: Dean has never noticed anything special about his amulet. But when he loses it during a hunt, he feels compelled to go back for it.

Wearing and Tearing by miss_nevermore
Recipient: spn_summergen
Warnings: Some swearing, implied alcohol use.
Summary: Both John and Sam have left, while Dean is stuck in another motel far away from both of them. So he does the only thing that he can do.

Real Isn't How You Are Made by kellifer_fic
Recipient: annj_g80
Warnings: None.
Summary: You want something cute and fluffy you're in the wrong trade, Sammy.

And the Sun Rises by tigriswolf
Recipient: spn_summergen
Warnings: vague spoilers for season four; takes place pre-series; AU.
Summary: In the middle of Sam's freshman year at highschool, he comes home one day and is no longer Sam.

Walk Into Splintered Sunlight by i_speak_tongue
Recipient: nativestar
Warnings: Spoilers up to 4.16; foul language-you know how it goes.
Summary: The brothers struggle to come to terms with their fate and each other in the aftermath of Dean’s grievous encounter with Alastair.

Cracks by mamaesme
Recipient: innocentculprit
Warnings: Language, Angsty Winchester Family
Summary: [Season One] Dean plays peacemaker between Sam and John again, but the Winchesters are quietly falling apart.

Soul Food by extraonions
Recipient: miss_nevermore
Warnings: Language, spoilers through 4.22
Summary: As far as apocalypses go, Dean figures they are off to a pretty good start.

It Goes On by apreludetoanend
Recipient: kiscinca
Warnings: none
Summary: You know the drive to Palo Alto by heart. You’ve done it from everywhere.

Talk To Me by sophiap
Recipient: davincis_girl
Warnings: Some minor crossover elements, knowledge of the other fandoms is not required.
Summary: Some days, it seemed like the goddamn telephone rang from first light to last and beyond.

A World of Difference by rule_number_7
Recipient: roque_clasique
Warnings: Minor violence, angst.
Summary: Dean visits Sam at Stanford for a little help in getting patched up after a hunt and spends part of the weekend with him, getting a glimpse of Sam’s new, normal life without his family.

What is right or wrong here? by demondean
Recipient: marinarusalka
Warnings: violence, spoilers for season 3 and 4
Summary: Sam gets an unexpected ally in his fight to get his brother back from the pit.

Thrones and Angels by rodlox (keenir)
Recipient: floranna
Warnings: Vague spoilers for season 4
Summary: Another day, another task to perform for their commanders. This time, though, Uriel and Castiel are sent to question one of the universe’s most powerful entities.

Try try try to understand by latentfunction
Recipient: sophiap
Warnings: None.
Summary: Based on sophiap's prompt, Jo and Ellen, mother-daughter demon hunting team extraordinaire.

Finding Wednesday by ficwriter1966
Recipient: rule_number_7
Warnings: None.
Summary: Taken from the following prompts: 3. John gets injured so the Winchesters spend the recovery time at Pastor Jim's. 4. Young Sam and/or young Dean finds a puppy or kitten and wants to keep it.

Four Birthdays Sam Hated (and one he didn't mind so much) by theladyscribe
Recipient: chrissie0707
Warnings: none!
Summary: So here they are, in Grove Park at freaking midnight on Sam's birthday, when they should be out celebrating.

It's all been erased by july_july_july
Recipient: desertport
Warnings: Cussing and some violence.
Summary: Only in dreams, we see what it means. Reach out our hands, hold onto hers. But when we wake, it's all been erased. And so it seems, only in dreams. -Weezer, "Only in Dreams"

Running On Empty by chemm80
Recipient: theladyscribe
Warnings: Strong language.
Summary: The fabulous prompt: Dean spends a summer as a roadie for a rock band, Stanford era.

Music by kinsinger
Recipient: scribblesinink
Warnings: none
Summary: Sam was making his way through the endless fields of Iowa when the cassette player in the Impala finally gave out with a loud crackle of static.

The Mystery Maze by themaskedmckay
Recipient: dolimir_k
Warnings: None.
Summary: A mysterious maze puts the boys in the position of having to care for their father.

Those Who Favor Fire by marinarusalka
Recipient: rodlox (Keenir)
Warnings: General apocalyptic unpleasantness, mention of torture.
Summary: Once the Seals are opened, the Apocalypse isn't like the Book of Revelation says.

The First (and Last) Day by thedreamisreal
Recipient: ficwriter1966
Warnings: None.
Summary: Dean and John, though mostly Dean, cope with Sammy's first day of school.

Storytime by krazykipper
Recipient: opheliahyde
Warnings: This is a gen story, so it's not explicit het, but it does mention that both Dean and Sam are attached, though the partners never appear.
Summary: Dean and Sam tell the kids an old hunting story.

Of Sickness and Seamonsters by kiscinca
Recipient: musesfool
Warnings: none.
Summary: Sam and Dean go to a case on a ship. Knowing their luck, trouble is bound to happen.

The Rapid Spin of the Wheel by smilla02
Recipient: egoteprovoco
Warnings: Spoilers for 4.19.
Summary: Adam screams and bleeds and prays. And his vision's clouded by the tears and his nose's clogged with snot and he can't breathe.

Sunflowers by superbadgirl
Recipient: demondean
Warnings: Dark themes, semi-graphic violence and gore.
Summary: Something evil is cutting a path across the United States, and stopping it might cost the boys their lives. But they're hunters. They do what they have to do, no matter what.

Winchesters and other ***holes by kayto1
Recipient: almostgaby
Warnings: use of the word a**hole
Summary: John Constantine meets the Winchesters. Mostly they escape unscathed.

Copper and Seal by kimonkey7
Recipient: shay_renoylds
Warnings: none
Summary: “The possibility of containing a mighty entity within a tiny vessel never loses its power to fascinate.” - Jan N. Bremmer, Jan R. Veenstra – from The Metamorphosis of Magic from Late Antiquity to the Early Modern Period

Grannies and Geeks by floranna
Recipient: charlie_d_blue
Warnings: none
Summary: A simple hunt in LA.

Dreamers and Renegades by annj_g80
Recipient: se_parsons
Warnings: Spoilerish!: Story deals with dark things, including cursing blood and suicide. Don't read if it disturbs you.
Summary: Rabid hillbillies, poisonous Tachos and one unlucky fellow can make a very grumpy pair of Winchesters. Notwithstanding the vicious ghost that haunts one really annoying red head.

Palindromes by charlie_d_blue
Recipient: latentfunction
Warnings: Cursing, character death.
Summary: She became the shivering tremble of a whetting stone across the edge of a blade, the heavy scent of gun oil and long afternoons working on the once-hated Impala. AU. John dies on the ceiling, and Mary goes after the YED.

Life Used To Be So Hard by roque_clasique
Recipient: of_carabas
Warnings: none.
Summary: It’s only their second month, but the girl at the grocery store recognizes Dean as he plonks his purchases on the checkout counter and starts tugging his wallet out of his jeans pocket.

Crooked Legs by hkath
Recipient: smilla02
Warnings: none.
Summary: Sam goes through some changes.

The Hustlers by jadesfire
Recipient: tigriswolf
Warnings: none.
Summary: Sometimes, it's better to just not see anything.

Pixy Stix by moonshayde
Recipient: zubeneschamali
Warnings: Spoilery for season 4.
Summary: Sam and Dean learn that what happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas.

Neverland by mimblexwimble
Recipient: i_speak_tonuge
Warnings: Language, graphic imagery, horror
Summary: "I don't remember the sun," Sam says.

With Empty Hands Extended by stangerine88
Recipient: hardlygolden
Warnings: Swearing, violence, death of minor original characters. Spoilers for Season Four Episodes 4.19-4.22. This is an AU from the events of 4.19
Summary: It's simple really- Adam lives. Sam and Dean teach their brother a few things to keep him that way, but the Apocalypse looms and everyone, hunter or not, must prepare.

Too little, too late by mikiya2200
Recipient: tabaqui
Warnings: This is slightly AU. The story-arc as such hasn’t been altered, but some minor modifications have been made.
Summary: Dad is dead. He isn't coming back. Ever. I think I finally get that. I think I finally begin to understand what that means. Dad is dead. Gone. Like Mom. And Jess. God, it hurts.

Whisper Down a String by maychorian
Recipient: pdragon76
Warnings: None.
Summary: Uncle Bobby's place is awesome, and Sammy is totally a little bitch for preferring to read his book instead of playing in the attic with Dean. But, well, maybe Sam was right.

A Soot Red Hen by july_july_july
Recipient: dramaturgy
Warnings: No specific spoilers, just speculation for the series finale.
Summary: One apocalypse has been averted, and the boys have settled down. As if anything's ever that easy.

Moving On by kogsy21
Recipient: kellifer_fic
Warnings: None.
Summary: It’s Dean’s final year of high school and John desperately wants to keep things stable enough for Dean to graduate. Stability has never been in the cards for the Winchesters. This story takes place in 1997.

Bringer of Light by twasadark
Recipient: azewewish
Warnings: language
Summary: 4x22 coda; prompt: Dean gives Castiel lessons on why humanity is worth saving (can also be as angsty or funny as you want).

All Men Are Prophets by azewewish (Brenda)
Recipient: ileliberte
Warnings: None
Summary: Where there's movement, there's hope. And one thing John Winchester knows how to do is put one foot in front of the other.

And Now For Something Completely Different by chrissie0707
Recipient: superbadgirl
Warnings: language
Summary: What if what has happened the past two years has been part of the djinn’s unreality?

A Perfect Day by dolimir_k
Recipient: persnickett
Warnings: Pre-series.
Summary: Dean's first time driving the Impala.

The Uilleann Ululation Undertaking by musesfool
Recipient: maychorian
Warnings: None.
Summary: Crossover with The Middleman. "Two weeks ago, the museum received a cache of instruments from Ireland, and among them were a set of Uilleann pipes. We believe the pipes to be dangerous in the wrong hands."

Nor Iron Bars A Cage by kellifer_fic
Recipient: avon09
Warnings: None.
Summary: This isn’t during the apocalypse. This is what comes after.

Come Fly With Me (or, Agony at 30,000) by desertport
Recipient: gayeld
Warnings: Description of medical situations and severe pain.
Summary: A year after Phantom Traveller, Sam and Dean are back in the air, though Dean probably should have left his appendix behind.

What Chance Have We by dramaturgy (Liz)
Recipient: leighleighla
Warnings: None.
Summary: Dean's first born is in on a hunt. When does a lie stop being an artifice and become something everyone tells themselves so they can sleep at night?

Northern Lights by se_parsons
Recipient: hkath
Warnings: Moderate Violence.
Summary: X-Files crossover: Sam&Dean and Mulder&Scully get in each other's way during a case.

This Bitter Earth by art_savage
Recipient: jadesfire
Warnings: Violence, language, flimsy plot.
Summary: The Winchesters and the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit investigate the same case, a series of mysterious deaths on the grounds of a South Carolina plantation. For the prompt: "Crossover with Criminal Minds. How do you profile demon hunters?"

the quiet things that no one ever knows by faithintheboys
Recipient: kinsinger
Warnings: None.
Summary: He doesn’t know his name for twenty-four hours. For the prompt: Stanford era – Sam gets amnesia.

Nor Custom Stale by musesfool
Recipient: seraphim_grace
Warnings: None.
Summary: Sam thinks Dean is confusing reality with porn again. Dean's pretty sure he's not.

Moving Through The Dark (With You In My Heart) by zubeneschamali
Recipient: mikiya2200
Warnings: Language.
Summary: "For you or Dad, the things I'm willing to do or kill, it scares me sometimes." Even after rescuing Dean, a hunt gone bad still isn't over for Sam.

Who Ya Gonna Call? by just_ruth
Recipient: embroiderama
Warnings: AU of 2:18 "Hollywood Babylon"
Summary: There’s something happening on the set of the movie “HellHazer II” and the Winchesters find an unexpected ally in a distant relative.

Wee Beasties by chocca2
Recipient: themaskedmckay
Warnings: Strong language.
Summary: Sam and Dean find out fairies have feelings too.

Mister Fix-it by fonapola
Recipient: chemm80
Warnings: Um, reference to the Village People?
Summary: Side jobs, and their uses in the hunting world.

IDK my BFF Sam by egoteprovoco
Recipient: kayto1
Warnings: None.
Summary: (Prompt) Stanford Fic - Resolution of the “You could have called.” “Would have you picked up?”

Say No Goodbyes by buriedchild
Recipient: spn_summergen
Warnings: (Redacted by author)
Summary: No summary given by author.

Blood Stone by shay_renoylds
Recipient: caffienekitty
Warnings: None overly. Spoilers to season two.
Summary: The brothers are forced to help a community in the middle of a forest fire. And, uh, it might just be their fault.

In loco parentis by jargonelle
Recipient: spn_summergen
Warnings: None.
Summary: Adam shows up at the Singer Salvage Yard, looking for his dad.

Conduct Unbecoming by gayeld
Recipient: avon09
Warnings: (Redacted by author)
Summary: A Something Wicked tag based on the prompt “Pre-series story about Dean trying to run away and being stopped by Sam.”

Drive by diva5256
Recipient: spn_summergen
Warnings: Choose not to warn
Summary: Hunter Tamara hunts and finds the demon that killed her child.

The Rocket Science of Mallards by leighleighla
Recipient: animotus
Warnings: (Redacted by author)
Summary: "Of course. Of course Dean would never let his little brother take the fall for something like this. He wondered again, what the hell he was thinking, bringing little kids hunting with him..."

The Beginning of the End (of the World) by cho_malfoy
Recipient: yo_gert
Warnings: Violence and language
Summary: The end of the world is a pain in the ass. But Dean wouldn't have it any other way.

Under the Surface and Rising by embroiderama
Recipient: just_ruth
Warnings: some violence and bad language
Summary: John gets a paying gig for the summer not long after Sam learns the truth about the supernatural. While Dean's off being a teenager, Sam worries about what might be waiting for his family, what might be lurking beneath the surface.

It Never Rains by nativestar
Recipient: art_savage
Warnings: None.
Summary: The boys vs. MotW plus Mother Nature.

Downtime with the Winchesters by nightporters
Recipient: kimonkey7
Warnings: None.
Summary: In the beginning there were two brothers who occasionally got some time off. A short play through the first half of season 1.

The one worth leaving by that_september
Recipient: extraonions
Warnings: Um, angst? Lots of angst.
Summary: A series of snapshots of Dean’s life during the Stanford years as he struggles with his family’s distance and forms a new bond with Bobby. Written for extraonion’s prompt: Dean and Bobby hunt during the Stanford Years.

Mercury Rising by innocentculprit
Recipient: mimblexwimble
Warnings: AU for end S3.
Summary: Dean was always special.

Let It Ride by persnickett
Recipient: jargonelle
Warnings: strippers who don’t strip, mild language
Summary: John Winchester knew better than to make a case like this one a ride-along. A haunted casino? Hell if the whole idea wasn't just catnip to his eldest boy, and John knew well enough that Dean wasn’t one to turn down a good nip - if it was being passed around.

Curtain Call by seraphim_grace
Recipient: buriedchild
Warnings: One instance of mentioned violence.
Summary: A haunted theatre in the middle of nowhere and the star that’s not quite ready to leave.

Double or Nothing (Hellhound on My Trail) by extraonions
Recipient: stangerine88
Warnings: Language, Violence.
Summary: Two years after Dean's deal comes due, Lilith offers Sam a new one.

My Family And Other...Demons by briarwood
Recipient: apreludetoanend
Warnings: Spoilers for season 4; pure speculation about season 5.
Summary: Screw the apocalypse. If you're a Winchester, family comes first.

Fiction with Art

Ghosts, Spies and Campfire Lies by caffienekitty
Recipient: dotfic
Warnings: Crossover - Supernatural/Chuck. Bad art, bent canon, some crack.
Summary: Abandoned campgrounds are never a good idea.

Angels in the Architecture by davincis_girl
Recipient: thedreamisreal
Warnings: Crossover with Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. (Potential spoilers for both seasons of Terminator and season four of SPN.)
Summary: It’s 1999 and John Connor appears in the Winchester’s motel room cold and naked. Why is he there, and how does he know Sam Winchester?

this river's full of lost sharks by hardlygolden
Recipient: diva5256
Warnings: Crossover with Veronica Mars. Passing reference to past non-con (Veronica Mars canon). Potential spoilers for all seasons of VM and SPN.
Summary: For the prompt: The dead are rising in Neptune, CA. Dean and Sam join forces with Veronica to investigate. Timeline picks up a few years after Veronica Mars ends, following on from the events of Supernatural 4.22.


I think my wings are falling below by animotus
Recipient: moonshayde
Warnings: None
Summary: This is the story of an angel,a geek and a pie killer!

Neither Heaven Nor Hell by ileliberte
Recipient: cho_malfoy
Warnings: None
Summary: The prompt was demon!Sam and angel!Dean or vice versa. In my mind, Sam and Dean, whatever their incarnations, would be battling against both angels and demons to save the world, since neither seem to care much about what happens to the humans in the course of their epic battles.

Music Vids

John, Sam and Dean: Sultans of Swing by almostgaby
Recipient: innie_darling
Warnings: None
Summary: Just a general video about the Winchester men of them on the road together as hunters with a teeny bit of an AU twist. Song is by dire straits.

Caught Sleeping by of_carabas
Recipient: brihana25
Warnings: No sex, no violence, a little blood.
John's relationship with the boys set to Steve Vai's "For the Love of God."

A Child's Prayer by brihana25
Recipient: july_july_july
Warnings: canon death, violence and flames, but should be safe
He gives all he has and all he is keep his brother safe, but who does Dean turn to for help when life is just too much? Song: Ave Mary A by Pink.

12th-Sep-2009 05:40 am (UTC) - videos
I would really like to see the videos, but they are all playing as the Ave Mary one, which is lovely and a beautiful set up to the lyrics, but I am curious to see the other too.
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