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Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange

Summer 2021

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Supernatural Summer Gen Fanwork Exchange
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A summer exchange for Supernatural fanworks

Welcome to the Supernatural Summer Gen Exchange!

spn_summergen is an anonymous, prompt-based, gen fanworks gift exchange designed to help Supernatural fans while away the desert months of summer hiatus.

Please read this before signing up. It is important that if you decide to participate in this challenge, you take the commitment seriously. If you anticipate being so pressed for time that you cannot complete your gift in a month, don’t participate. Consider instead volunteering to pinch-hit for folks who have dropped out! Not only can you then choose to participate when you’re sure you’ll have time, but you will also be able to preview prompts you might be interested in.

Shoot us an email at supernaturalsummergen@gmail.com with your handle, journal URL(s), and a reliable email to be put on the list.

Want to play? Here’s what you do:

1. Read the rules and agree to abide by them
2. Submit a set of story or visual prompts (ideas for the person who will create your gift) via our Archive of Our Own account, link coming soon.
3. You will be assigned a recipient and set of prompts, but you stay anonymous!
4. Write a gen fic of at least 1,000 words or create a visual gift (drawing, painting, graphic, or photomanip) for your recipient, utilizing their prompts
5. Submit your gift to the AO3 account by the deadline date
6. The mods will post your gift anonymously for you
7. Watch the AO3, enjoy the submissions, and have fun trying to guess who created what (but don’t give it away)!

All gifts and requests must be gen; this challenge does not allow slash of any kind. Many other challenges are available for your libidinous enjoyment, but Summergen is, by definition, gen. By "gen" we simply mean fanworks that do not focus on romantic or sexual relationships, although those relationships may be a small component of the story if they're a part of canon (John/Mary or Sam/Jess, for example).

This is a Supernatural challenge, which means (at least some of) your characters must be part of Supernatural canon. Original characters are welcome, but RPF (real person fiction) is generally not allowed. The exception to this is the French Mistake timeline, but we ask that you use this scenario prudently. Please keep within the spirit of the event. All other types of sub-genres are welcome: angst, crack, past-fic and future-fic, case files, brotherly bonding, AUs, fluff, curtain fic, character studies, monster studies, monster-of-the-week comedies and tragedies and everything in between. Gifts can be of any rating.

The rules and FAQ for the 2021 challenge are HERE.



May 1 – May 19: Sign-ups.
May 23: Assignments sent out.
July 20: FANWORKS DUE. Also, deadline for withdrawals or extension requests. If we don't hear from you by midnight of the last inhabited time zone (Samoa Time Zone, UTC +13), you will be in-default and at risk for not participating next year.
July 20: Posting begins!


We will begin revealing gifts on July 5. If you get done early, awesome! Send it on in, and chances are you’ll get an early post date.

You will have at least three prompts to choose from.

Please be sure to read this part! Matching assignments to everyone is a tough job. Some participants will be lucky enough to get a prompt set that is perfect for them. Hopefully most of you will have at least one prompt that tickles your muse. But on rare occasion you may get a set that doesn't work for you at all. This year we'll be using AO3, and we're not quite sure if we've worked out all the bugs.

Please be as flexible as possible, look for a looser interpretation of the prompt, and try to work with what you receive. If you're positive you can't do the assignment, tell us as soon as possible. You might not be the only one in that position. There are options such as trades, etc., and we will do our level best to make sure everyone has a prompt they can work with.

BUT you must tell us quickly. If you wait weeks after assignments are sent, we'll have to treat it as a default instead.

Extensions on the deadline: If you desperately need an extension, we'll do our best. We're still figuring out how AO3 will handle extensions, so please do your best to get your gift finished on time!

Before you ask for an extension, please make sure you understand:

• The earlier you ask, the easier it is for all of us.
• There are no extensions on extensions, so be realistic about the amount of time you need. This does not, however, mean you can request an extra month!
If you ask for an extension past the submission deadline, you're too late - you are already in default.
• If you only need a few days, that won't be a problem. Longer extensions come with conditions. For example, we might ask you to submit a finished rough draft quickly, then allow you more time to get the story polished up.

You can ask for an extension by emailing the mod team at supernaturalsummergen@gmail.com

dugindeep, kalliel, and quickreaver are the mods of this community, this round. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at supernaturalsummergen@gmail.com. That email address will be accessible by all the mods.

briarwood founded this wonderful comm years ago, and she will always be near and dear to it. Thank you, Morgan!

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